Boy writes letter and apologizes for stealing Kinder Egg in Italy

The boy apologized for stealing the Kinder Egg

Photo: Reproduction / Facebook / Danilo Chiaruzzi

A 12-year-old Swiss boy has sent an apology to the owner of an establishment in the Republic of San Marino, an enclave of less than 35,000 people in northern Spain. Italiato steal chocolate Kinder egg.

said Danilo Chiaruzzi, owner of Alimentare Chiaruzzi’s grocery store in downtown San Marino.

In a social media post, the Italian explained that the letter was written in German and spoke of a 12-year-old boy who took part in a school trip last May.

“My name is Benjamin, I’m 12 years old and I’m from Switzerland. On Sunday, May 30th, I went to your store, but since I had no money, I stole an egg from a Joy Kinder. I’m sorry and I know I was wrong.” I hope you will forgive me because I would like to be at peace with you and God,” the boy wrote, attaching “10 euros to forgive you.”

The case spread on social media and spread news in several Italian newspapers. The shop owner added, “I was shocked and this is a must read for the many men who steal chips, candy or other every day for fun or challenge.”

Chiaruzzi further explained that he would respond to the boy’s message with a postcard and invite him “to come back and visit us for a handshake.” .

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