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His bad looks always set him aside. Why do you never brush?

The personal seal of the highest common power in the United Kingdom a Blonde hair, straight and – above all – disgusting. It will appear Boris Johnson He would come to every public meeting brought by a hurricane wind that would violently deposit him a few meters away from the TV cameras, and he would have enough time to get up from the ground, shake the dust, and stop himself in front of the TV cameras. Will send his reports to British territory and the world.

Why does it look like this? Alexander Boris de Biffel Johnson (Born June 19, 1964) An English-born newspaper columnist says that at least one striking character is sure that he has a certain sympathy for the troubled presence. Financial Times, In a way, it helped him to occupy the leadership of the Conservative Party, and later the mayor of London, and finally, the post of prime minister.

Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister.

Logically, Boris Johnson is a genre Brilliant intelligence. This is a Magnetic attraction Last December a journalist promised to ask him why Take a look Her hair.

The journalist said: “Your hair is everywhere, and my mom wants to know why.” Johnson replied: “This is something related to my hair, but I can tell you that I brush it … I have a brush in my office”, collects the portal

The Prime Minister, who was officiating in Bolton, asked, “Would you like to wish your mother a very Merry Christmas?”

That fact was reviewed by a good section of the British press because Boris Johnson’s hair is really a matter of state.

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“This is a weapon he has consistently used in the past to divert attention from any reference to evil,” they wrote in the British edition of the magazine. Mary Clary. His appearance, always confusing and ugly, gives him the impression of being “working all night”. Her Hair even had its own Twitter account (Or Boris_Hair), A collection of his star moments, published by the Spanish newspaper Country, He said, violating stylistic rules linked to politics is a strategy to get closer to the people.

But not just the hair. European newspapers were large enough to publish stories about her fancy dresses. Newspaper ABC Posted by: “Their cases, Bad cut, include Jackets Very square and very short shirt Shirts Beyond the fists. When he walks or stands up, he does not close a button on his jacket, but opens it, inadvertently or sometimes he does not close it. “

At least when choosing clothes the sports activities will not be in favor of it. Photo: Taken from The New York Times.

That media is theirs Relationships They are casual, they are poorly placed and often look short, and in many cases he is left without a jacket and his white shirt unbuttoned, which is not very favorable to him. “When he goes out for a run, he wears black sneakers, a floral swimsuit, a green sweatshirt and some ridiculous hat.” The guy maintains a permanent war against fashion.

All of this the press often refers to as his fiance. Gary Symonds, A defender and political activist, she has helped him improve his appearance. (I)

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