Boris Johnson lifts pandemic restrictions in the UK | Globalism

Boris Johnson lifts pandemic restrictions in the UK |  Globalism

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office said Monday (9) that restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic will be eased, based on the improvement in the health situation, his office said on Sunday (9).

The conservative leader will announce the third phase of the dismantling plan Monday afternoon, after assessing with his ministers in the morning. The suspension of restrictions will take effect on May 17, coinciding with the relaxation of some restrictions on travel abroad.

From that date, Britons will be able to meet indoors, with a maximum of six people or two families. Foreign Secretary Michael Gove told the BBC on Sunday that the government wanted to once again allow “contact between friends and family”, who would be able to cuddle.

Popular bars and restaurants will be able to serve their customers indoors again, and weddings can welcome up to 30 guests. Outdoors, gatherings of more than 30 people will remain prohibited.

The coronavirus has killed more than 127,000 people in the United Kingdom, the hardest-hit country in Europe. But infection rates have fallen to the lowest level since September, while hospitalizations are also declining, reaching low levels in some areas, Downing Street reported.

National Statistics Office (ONS) assessments It showed that one in 1,180 people has Covid-19, compared to one in 480 in early April.

“The data reflects what we already knew: We will not allow this virus to win,” Boris Johnson said in a statement from Downing Street.

“Our vaccination program continues to be successful, over two thirds of adults in the UK have already received their first dose and we can now dispose of it wisely but irreversibly.”

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