Boris Johnson ‘kills’ Super League: In the heart of the UK Prime Minister – European Super League

Boris Johnson 'kills' Super League: In the heart of the UK Prime Minister - European Super League

Superlika died when the English Sextet (City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal, United and Chelsea) knocked on the door, and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson was responsible for the drastic end.

The reversal took place, according to ‘AS’ following a government threat. Through a series of contacts with the ‘separatist’ group, Boris Johnson’s manager acknowledged that he could not legally stop the match, but he could pass a very tough luxury line and it would be difficult for footballers to stay abroad. Between the end of Tuesday night and the beginning of dawn on Wednesday, Sextet announced the departure: City at 10:25 p.m .; Liverpool at 10:55 p.m .; Tottenham at 10:55 pm, Arsenal at 10:55 pm, United at 10:55 pm and Chelsea at 12:50 am. “This is the right outcome for football fans, clubs and communities across the country. We must continue to protect our beloved national sport,” Boris Johnson said.


Man.  City director apologizes to fans: «Results do not take into account club values

Alexander Seferin adopted a harmonious tone. “The important thing is to build the unity of the game together!” Said the UEFA President.

Al-Ghalafi heads the ECA

Now without representatives of the 12 ‘rebels’, the European Club Association (ECA), led by PSG president Al-Khalafi, is winning after Juventus president Andrea Agnelli. According to The Times, the ECA wants to persuade UEFA to change the qualification system for new champions, trying to avoid ‘providing’ two entries through the historical rankings. ECA also wants to provide direct qualification for champions.

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