“boring for ka*” · TV news

“boring for ka*” · TV news

in a Farm 2021And MC Gui I decided to gossip about my behavior Solange Gomez This Sunday (31st), but the Biwa listened to the position of Funkeiro and rebelled with the opponent on the rural reality show. “Boring as hell,” former Banheira do Gogo fired during the fight.

Confusion started after the victory Thiago Picuelo in the fire testWhen Solange summoned Dinho Alves to the Gulf. Gui asked her in the kitchen at the residence: “You prayed, you prayed for me to leave, and then came back from the garden, she turned around and said, ‘I have nothing against you anymore. “Why?” “Because things change here minute by minute,” he shouted Valentina Francavilla.

“Minute by minute, how? Why didn’t you speak before I came back from the field?” [No dia da formação da roça], I was already in the chair, she turned and said live that I would be her voice, but I was already on the farm. Went to the park, came back, she wasn’t expecting it. When I returned, she went into the room, next to me, and said, “I made a deal with you, and now I no longer have a deal.” Why is there no more? “

At that moment, Solange left the room and interrupted Byun’s chatter by shouting, “What happened to Bill? Don’t you stop talking?” “Excuse me, Solange, stop being boring,” said the artist.

Inspiring Gogo Bath demanded that the opponent repeat the gossip, and said: “You [de] Two words. One minute, you say something, then you come to lick… You come to me, and then you say it was your choice Erasmus [Viana]Now, pull Dynho.”

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“Do you think I’m afraid of you? Afraid because you have enough money to fund a lot, is that it? I’m watching you. By the way, Brazil should be watching you. You have a lot of wings here. You’re boring as hell, right? He stays there singing all day with this.” The annoying sound in other people’s ears, no one can bear it. He thinks he is a singer, “Solange needle.

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