Bolsonaro says return to ‘natural science’ in November

Bolsonaro says return to 'natural science' in November

President Jair Bolsonaro (No Party) announced today that it will decide that the Minister of Mines and Energy, Pinto Albuquerque, will put an end to the flag of water shortages starting next month. The rate took effect in early September for the electricity bill and represents a nearly 50% increase over Red Flag Level 2, which was implemented the previous month.

“God helped us now with the rain, we were on the verge of collapse and we couldn’t transmit the panic to the community,” he said at a religious event in Brasilia.

It hurts Secretary Pinto Albuquerque’s mandate, of mines and energy, to issue a red flag, it hurts the heart, we know how hard electricity is. I’ll ask him… Ask him not to, he decides he’ll go back to natural science starting next month.

The General Manager of the Operator of the National Electrical System (ONS), Louise Ciucci, said yesterday that The rain recorded in recent days is welcome, but it does not solve the problem Water Scarcity.

“This rain comes at an appropriate time, but it does not solve the problem. It is too early to form a real perception of the rainy season,” he said during the event. “With a more comfortable situation, the more expensive thermoelectric plants can leave, but the filling must continue. At the end of this rainy season, we will do the assessment.”

The Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Marisette Pereira, said yesterday in an interview that The science of water scarcity was not enough To cover the increased cost of fuel used by thermal power plants, but ruled out another increase.

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“What we know from what the distributors have brought us is that the science of water scarcity will not be enough to cover all the resources we use for energy security,” she said in an interview. “Fuel prices are going up a lot.”

When the science of water scarcity was announced, it was expected that it would still be around Valid until 30 April 2022. Last month, Pinto Albuquerque stated that there is no End of surcharge forecast.

“There is no set date for this to end. We work with planning and methodology, but we go through a water crisis every month, the wealthy are smaller, and this removes the possibility of predicting when this crisis will end,” he said. In an interview with RedeTV.

The purpose of tariff flags is to compensate for the use of thermal power plants, which have a higher cost. Thermoelectric plants are being used due to drought which has reduced the hydroelectric reservoir and harmed power generation. The country is experiencing its worst water crisis in 90 years.

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