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President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) on Wednesday (25) passed a bill creating new rules for the National Support Program for Small and Micro-Businesses (Pronampe). The government estimates that R$50 billion can be loaned to small businesses.

Pronampe is a program that provides loans to micro and small businesses with low interest rates and a longer term to start repaying. The program was set up by the federal government during the Covid-19 pandemic to help small businesses and became permanent in June of last year.

Funding is based on the contribution of resources from the union, but is operated by banks. In the event of a company default, the federal government guarantees payments to financial institutions through the Operations Guarantee Fund (FGO).

The project provides grants Credit guaranteed by FGO until the end of 2024And The current law only provides until the end of 2021.

Bolsonaro approved the text during a ceremony attended by ministers, parliamentarians and heads of public banks in the Palacio de Planalto. The sentence was published in the Official Gazette on Thursday (26th).

The proposal also established new rules for Pronampe, which became:

  • Allow companies granted program loans to lay off employees, which previous rules did not allow.
  • Enable MEIs to participate in the program.
  • Allow companies with a total annual revenue of R$300 million to participate in the program – Previously, only companies with a total annual revenue of R$4.8 million could join the financing lines.
  • Exemption of Pronampe Financial Agents from the requirement to submit Certificates of Tax Compliance, Stop Compensation Fund (FGTS), Social Information Annual List (Rais) and others that can restrict access to Emergency Credit Access in Method (Peac-FGI) and Incentive Program credit score (PEC).
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Deeming it unconstitutional, President Jair Bolsonaro vetoed a portion of the bill that waived the submission of Certificate of Debt Relief (CND), a regularity requirement related to Social Security.

“It may constitute a violation of the provisions of paragraph 3 of Article 195 of the Constitution, which states that a legal entity indebted to the social security system, as provided by law, may not contract with the government or receive tax benefits or incentives or credit,” the General Secretariat said.

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