Bloco da Favorita fills downtown Rio with Pedro Sampaio and Paola Oliveira de Rainha | Today in Folia

Bloco da Favorita fills downtown Rio with Pedro Sampaio and Paola Oliveira de Rainha |  Today in Folia

Paola Oliveira, Pedro Sampaio and Carol Sampaio at Bloco da Favorita, in central RioCléber Méndez/Agence Odia

Published 04/02/2024 10:13 | Updated on 04/02/2024 at 13:15

Rio – With a look inspired by the clothes worn by Xuxa, Pedro Sampaio entertains revelers with Bloco da Favorita, this Sunday morning (4), in three electric trios, on Rua 1° de Março, in the center of Rio. In addition to a traditional DJ, the event plays karaoke and other musical styles.

This year, Favorita, with an estimated audience of 250,000 people, features a performance by Feyjão and a tribute to singer Britta Gil.

Paola Oliveira, who performed at the last artistic rehearsal of the Grande Rio on Saturday evening (3), in Sapucaí before the official show, woke up early to make her debut as presenter of the mass, invited by TikTok.

“Nobody wakes up at five in the morning if the forecast isn't good. We have make-up, a beautiful coaster, a head and everything, it's going to be beautiful. I'll draw the crowd, but then there's Pedro Sampaio, there's no way I can go wrong with him. I've loved Bloco da Favorita for a while Long, and I haven't participated in a while, but TikTok, which is a very young and modern platform, invited me. I will present, I'm not much of that. “But I will present the magic of the carnival,” the actress said excitedly.

The massive building, known for attracting crowds, began to gather while still empty, but was soon filled with revelers eager for fun. Despite the hot weather, the contagious energy of the revelers did not diminish, as the duo Denis Gomez dos Santos and Miranda Nascimento have been excited since the encounter. “I like the harmony and joy among people,” the young man said. “Apart from the robberies and robberies, I think it’s great.”

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For Miranda Nascimento, who is participating in the second group this year, the carnival is all about having a good time. “The joy of the people, the enthusiasm and the human warmth. I think only Brazilians enjoy that,” he added.

The show began at 9:20 a.m., with a performance by Paola Oliveira, who entertained the audience by introducing DJ Pedro Sampaio. The song “Novinha” was sung, sending the audience into a frenzy and rolling on the floor.

This version of the successor to the famous “Baile da Favorita” song featured confetti flying above the audience, making everyone dance to the tunes of “Galopa”, “Cavalho”, “No Chão Novinha”, and other songs and tunes. Like x.

Sampaio, who rocked the party, also had high expectations for the event: “My music is the face of the carnival.” We have first place in Brazil today. Therefore, I have the opportunity to drive a block for the first time. “Rio Carnival is ecstasy for me, it is the warmth of the Brazilian people,” shared DJ Pedro Sampaio.

In addition to the diversity and creativity of traditional costumes, signs and bows also featured at this year's carnival. Couple Ana Carolina Ferreira Gomez Santos and Douglas Vinicius Nunes combined with a sign saying “I am her problem” and a bow that said “Problem”; Props were purchased on the way to mass. For them, the important thing is to have fun and have fun. Ana Carolina said: “What prompted me to choose this outfit is love. We come to enjoy music, feel a lot of joy and leave a mark in our lives.”

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Makeup artist Pamela Santos and her friends dressed as Paquita to enjoy the day together. “Who never wanted to be Paquita when they were a kid, right? So, the opportunity we have is during the carnival and in every huge building we are here in the center to enjoy,” the makeup artist said excitedly.

Reveler Adriana Barbosa Pereira, 52, declared her love for the carnival and praised the organization of the group: “It was wonderful, the organization deserves congratulations. The people are very calm, without fights. I love the carnival, but there were actually some people I liked.” “I haven't been there in years and this year is my first year and it's been really good.”

Celebrities such as Douglas Silva and former BBB Ricardo Alves were also keen to enjoy the celebrations.

In addition to Bloco da Favorita, several other events will be held this Sunday (4) in Rio, including Cordão do Boitata and Fogo y Baixão, both in the city center. Excitement at 9, in Ipanema; Banda da Barra, in Barra da Tijuca and Quem Num Guenta Bebe Água, in Laranjeiras.

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