Gabby Martins’ mother reveals her unease with Terry

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Mira Martins, hopefull Gaby MartinsHe found himself in a boring situation. According to Em Off columnist Fabia Oliveira, conversations between Maíra and a fan of the singer have been leaked, and the housewife says everything she thinks about her son-in-law, the singer. Terry.

“I haven’t stopped following anyone. Can you ask them? [Tierry]. it was not me. Thierry is a good person, but he has some situations that we don’t like, neither me nor my husband. I am honest and sincere. I have no reason to be. I am mature and have principles. But it’s okay, they live their lives.”, ventilation Mira By saying that he did not stop following the singer on social media.


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“I’m not fake”

In another excerpt, Mira He explains why he did not appear in the pictures next to the singer. “I’m not fake, I’m very real and transparent. I don’t post a picture with Terry, because there were some situations from him that my husband and I didn’t like. Do we have that right or not? After all, we are parents and educators “, It is to explain.

According to Fábia, the conversation really took place, it’s not fake news and the ex-BBB’s mother got in touch. Mira He made it clear that he had nothing against him TerryBut she reinforced that her daughter and the singer have flaws. “Everyone has flaws. I have it, Thierry has it, Gabe has it, but what matters is that Gabe is happy with Terry and everyone is fine. We are a family, I respect and love Thierry. I have nothing against him”, He said.

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Recently, gaby Hot kisses with the singer on the balcony of a luxury hotel, in Rio de Janeiro.

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