Blocking YouTube generates a record number of ad blocker uninstalls; Understands

Blocking YouTube generates a record number of ad blocker uninstalls;  Understands

Measures to limit the use of ad blockers on YouTube appear to be working. According to the Wired, A record number of uninstalls of ad blockers were recorded in October this year.

The data comes from several ad blocker developers, such as Ghostery, AdLock, and AdGuard. the number Up to hundreds of thousands of uninstalls. It appears that users were trying to look for alternatives to avoid advertising on YouTube, as the number of installs also broke a record in the same period.

YouTube has begun blocking video playback in browsers with active ad blockers.source: Youtube

According to a Ghostery spokesperson, about 90% of users who uninstalled the add-on justified their decision with the changes made by YouTube. AdGuard also noticed a pattern, as the number of uninstalls rose to 52,000 on the same day YouTube expanded its ad blocking.

Ghostery noticed that blocker usage increased by 30% on Microsoft Edge. This change occurs because switching browsers acts as a temporary measure to avoid the YouTube blocker.

The problem of advertising on YouTube

According to ad blocking companies, YouTube’s scale comes at the same time that the service began showing a greater number of ads. The company will test viewers’ tolerance for more ads.

According to Eyeo, a company specializing in online advertising, the problem is not the advertising: Consumers are more annoyed if advertising campaigns are invasive, too repetitive, or too long without the option to skip.

The best alternative to avoid YouTube advertising problems is to subscribe to YouTube Premium. In addition to removing ads, the service ensures other ease of use features on the platform.

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However, since August this year, the subscription has become more expensive for all options.

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