Understand the battle between Xand Avião and Solange Almeida that lasted 3 years

Understand the battle between Xand Avião and Solange Almeida that lasted 3 years

During Farofa da Gkay, host and comedian Rafael Cunha . presented Settlement between Xand Avião and Solange AlmeidaAfter three years of fighting that secured justice. The relationship between the two has been shaken up since 2019, when the singer filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against her ex-partner on the set.

In 2017, when he left Aviões do Forró, Solange and Xand were already in a trembling friendship. The singer announced in 2016 that she would be leaving the band after Carnival the following year. Several promises were made to end everything peacefully, including a tour, but she previously said she only received two months’ notice of her departure date.

Despite being silent for some time, she filed a lawsuit against her in 2019 Xand Avião Claims R$5 Million Debt for Copyright to Aviões do Forró He explained everything to the audience. She believed she would be paid for the 14 years she worked as a singer and member of the group, but the lawsuit was never brought up.

As determined by the court, the case must be adjudicated by the Brazilian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s Arbitration and Mediation Center (CAM-CCBC), as stated in the contract that led to all the disputes, signed in 2010. In other cases the words, the business is extinct . In addition, Solange still had to pay 10% of the amount she was requesting, 500,000 R$, for the procedural costs.

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Since then, the two have not reconciled, but nothing like him Party hostess last Monday (7/12) to gather them again. Gkay and comedian Rafael Cunha took advantage of the fact that Xand was performing at Farofa and invited Solange to the stage. They hugged and sang several blows from the jets, leaving those present on the verge of tears, including the birthday girl. The netizens also did not hide the emotions, but it was the singer who surprised everyone with posts in Stories and a blogging on Twitter saying: “A picture means a lot!! Words can be clichés but they are true…between two people there can be a comma but there can’t be.” Point! “.

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