Betty criticizes on Twitter and Anitta fans point out that he’s indirect

Betty criticizes on Twitter and Anitta fans point out that he's indirect

Betty used his Twitter profile to vent about the ’80s revival wave in Music. Although the names are not named, some fans of Anita I think the tweet is a hint at the preview made available today for “Boys Don’t Cry” single.

“Such a wave of ’80s block-finding and generally throwing weeds with the same little keyboard, and I’m like, ‘Man, did you guys ever hear it?'” Betty wrote in a post on the social network. . . Then she completed her idea of ​​direction.

He noted, “It’s exciting to note this anthropogenic process. Cream of canned food was postponed in the 1980s and resurrected as number one. Ah, it’s time…”. “It is a practical vision to talk about intergenerational conflict and temporal distance.”

Petty, who was criticized in his replies to the tweets, added: “Now the fashion is to be rock, right? I think it’s beautiful. Now go, Brazil.” One profiler said, “But it’s all over the world. You know, tunes come and go over the years.”

Another argued on the social network: “That’s why it’s called pop, because it’s so diverse, many other artists have used gothic/rock themes in pop. But just because Anitta can’t, she nullifies rock.”

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around the eighties

Rhythm sound of the 80s has returned to the mainstream in recent years. Canadian singer The Weeknd is one of the greatest examples. The album “After Hours” is packed with musical and aesthetic references to the decade, as well as the hit single “Blinding Lights.”

Dua Lipa has also ventured out and taken inspiration from the ’80s for the album “Future Nostalgia”, elevating the glamor of the era with current pop music. In Materialism, ’80s-inspired fashion also stands out.

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