Best Apps That Made Travel Easier 

The first two decades of the 21st century proved to us that travel can be incredibly easy. All we need is to have an open mind and Internet access. Indeed, everything seems to have become easier with the Internet, including traveling. Now, people feel much safer and more prepared to go to any corner of the world. Why? Because of numerous travel applications that make it so easy now. In fact, these days there are so many of them that the issue is not to find any but to find a really good one. So, to help you in your search and future travels, here are a few irreplaceable apps that any beginner or avid traveler must have on their smartphones.


Airbnb is changing the face of traveling for good. In the past, a traveler could stay only in hotels. However, these days, you can enjoy the comforts of an apartment stay. It’s just you, the owner of the apartment, and the app. That’s it! More often than not, you don’t even have to meet anyone in person, as self check-ins are very popular these days. Hence, you get to be rather independent in your travel experiences, which many people can appreciate. Not to mention that Airbnb options are often much cheaper than hotel rooms, yet they offer great quality.

This app is also a great solution for last-minute travels. Wherever you are, Airbnb will always have available options for you at any time. That’s how popular this app is. Just don’t forget to check out the reviews on places you want to choose. Maybe even find superhosts to be sure your stay will be extra special.

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What would we all have to do if not the Skyscanner? This app makes miracles happen. In fact, this application is probably single-handedly responsible for the increase in flight ticket purchases since it’s been launched. Overall, millions of people use Skyscanner anytime they need to find cheap and convenient airline tickets. It rarely disappoints. Usually, you only need to know where you are flying from and what country you want to visit. The app will do the rest. It can find you the most comfortable, fastest, or cheapest route. It can also generate complex trips where you need to fly to several points within a short period.


So, you may not expect this app to be on our list but think about this. When traveling to a new country, do you do any research? Any at all? Some of us can be too lazy or unwilling to go overboard with learning about the countries we visit. Yet, most of us do engage in some research, at least on the surface level. This is where Wikipedia comes in handy. You can find all the essential information about the region, history, current politics, climate, customs, sensitive topics, etc.

What’s more important, you can be sure to get an unbiased opinion of the matter, unlike many travel agencies’ sites that try to sell you a holiday destination. Of course, there is also always an option to contact professionals and ask them, “Can you write my essay for me cheap, please?”

Google Maps

You need to think about the travel arrangements ahead of your trip. Such arrangements start with finding a way from the airport/train station to your hotel. Nothing helps here better than just a simple map. It’s even more convenient if you can download a map beforehand, so slow public Wi-Fi or lack of it doesn’t become an issue. Overall, you can use Google maps or any other map apps you like. Just make sure they have offline access and preferably an option to download and use maps with Internet access.

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All budget travelers must be already familiar with this great app. Workaway is a perfect solution for those who want to travel for longer periods yet don’t have enough funds to stay in hotels all the time. With Workaway, you get to stay in other people’s houses for free in exchange for some small help with whatever they need to do. Usually, the most popular help requests involve minor construction work, gardening, farming, or childcare.

Sometimes, hosts even pay travelers for help. However, the best you can expect is a free stay, a great community of like-minded people, and lots of time to explore the area. Besides, your hosts can be kind enough to be your guide around the city and share tips on where to go.

Final Thoughts 

This list shows how easy traveling has become. Indeed, you barely need more than just a few apps to make any trip of your choice. It doesn’t even matter whether you are simply going to the neighboring state or the opposite side of the world. For the most part, just a bunch of apps can help you cover all the basics, from a roof over your head to travel arrangements. So, all you really need today is some minor preparations before the trip, a good Internet connection, and some adventurous spirit.



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