Belle Silva shows trouble in refueling a luxury car in the UK – who

Belle Silva shows trouble in refueling a luxury car in the UK - who

Belle Silva drives Diego Silva’s luxury electric car (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Belle Silva pointed to the ongoing problem in the United Kingdom due to the fuel and food supply crisis in that area. Influence Her husband’s luxury car, player Diego Silva, recorded a trip to the gas station while driving an electric Porsche.

“I’m in my husband’s car. You know Diego is not a big fan of his car or lending to me. But since his car is a hundred to an electric station, he is not affected by fuel shortages. How can he go into this desert? My car is already ‘game over’, some I do it at times “, she began.

After that, Belle took his car, a Porsche McCann, worth about R $ 350,000, recorded a long queue when he arrived at the gas station and talked about waiting to try to get gas: “Frustration”, he said in the title of the video. As soon as he left the place, he celebrated. “I could not believe it! I did it! It can only offer thirty-five pounds. But it works, thank God! I came out of the red,” he said.

Watch the video below:

Supply crisis
Nearly ninety per cent of fuel supply at British gas stations was completed last Monday (27), with consumers queuing up to ensure a full tank in the midst of a trucking shortage in the country after Brexit.

Since Sunday (26), queues of cars have formed at gas stations due to British fears of fuel shortages. The crisis is happening in all supply sectors including food.

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According to The Times and the Financial Times, the United Kingdom is considering enforcing the military to ensure the arrival of supplies for the population.

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