Beatrice reveals an unusual method of defecation; Is there a correct way?

Beatrice reveals an unusual method of defecation;  Is there a correct way?

Ultimately, is there a correct way to defecate?

Simply sitting, such as in a chair, is not the ideal position for defecation. The most recommended thing is to keep your knees higher than your hips – in a position similar to what they would be if you were sitting cross-legged, with your stomach closer to your legs.

However, it is recommended not to sit on the toilet surface, as this position can cause accidents. Such as imbalance, falls, and even cracks in pottery.

Leaving the knee above the hip line can help, but standing on the toilet is dangerous Image: iStock

To do this, use a footrest bench. This seat doesn't have to be specific for bathroom use, as you can use other objects to support your feet, such as a shoe box. The most important thing is to leave it at a height where the knee is above the hip, which forms the ideal angle for the stool to exit, making it slide out more easily.

This is a great option for those who suffer from constipation. The position causes the pelvic floor and pubic muscles to relax. The result is that you will exert less force when having a bowel movement, which also helps avoid problems such as anal fissures and even hemorrhoids.

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