'BBB24' Summary: The party is in a state of anger and distrust after the conflict between the allies

'BBB24' Summary: The party is in a state of anger and distrust after the conflict between the allies

Saturday night, 30 o'clock “Big Brother Brazil” 24 It included a lively concert and presentation of the É O Tchan group. But the pressure of the programme, which has already entered “Turbo Mode” with its 10 finalists, is already making the brothers nervous.

The atmosphere is not the best between Daffy and Matthews, who get into a heated argument during the afternoon. At the party, this conflict dominated the conversations between the brothers.

Moreover, Beatrice, Fernanda and Giovanna are in the spotlight (see here how the voting went). One of them will be eliminated on Sunday the 31st of this year, and soon after, there will be another captain's test, with a new hot seat forming. The same thing happens on Tuesdays: elimination, testing and another paredo.

The party started off lively

The brothers managed to distract themselves at the beginning of the concert with a performance of É O Tchan. The live show included many dances and games among the participants.

At the end of the event, the brothers gathered together to celebrate the final stage. At that moment, Davey and Isabelle were already inside the house.

“Ah, is it in the top ten?” The eight participants sang.

David disagrees with Matthews and announces that he will “isolate himself”

Before the party, Daffy and Matthews had a falling out. The conflict began when the gaucho noticed that the Bahian was talking alone with Isabel in the room – and he felt uncomfortable, with the impression that the two were treating him differently.

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For Devi, this happened because Bahian has been friends with Kounha since the beginning of the program. He said: “Today we were talking about a personal matter that concerns me and her and does not concern you at all, do you understand?”

However, Matthews did not feel heard by David. “You think you're always right, that's not the case, David. Listen, just listen, I'm not punishing you or anything. You have to listen to my understanding, my position, do you understand?”, he replied.

At night, Davey talked to Isabelle in the fairy room. For him, Beatrice, Alan and Matthews were “creating arguments” to vote for him when necessary.

“I see they are making arguments, do you understand? They are close to me, but they are making arguments. When he gets to the top five, they will use him.”

As for her, this was not the case. “I see he loves you so much, Davy, that I don't see it in my head,” he said. But Bahian remained skeptical and also announced that he no longer wanted to talk to Mateus.

“I will isolate myself,” he said.

Matthews says he “wouldn't swallow a frog”

During the party, Alan listened to David and then to Matthews. When venting about the dancer, the Gaucho said that Davy “didn't like to be contradicted.”

For the Pará woman, they need to talk and work things out. However, Matthews said he had already apologized and would not “take it.” “I won't let them trample me here,” he said.

“I don't need to drag myself across the floor to please Davey. He's my friend, I like him well, but he also has to have a little humility.”

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Alan worries about the public eye

After talking to Daffy and Matthews, Alan vents to Beatrice. The dancer announced that she is afraid that the audience will misunderstand her because she listens to both sides.

For Beatrice, this wouldn't be a problem. “Alan, you're not defending A or B. We know they didn't do this out of spite,” Bea said.

“But do you think they'll find something wrong with me there?” the woman reinforced Barra.

The friend replied: “No, because you did not take sides.”

The truce between MC Bin Laden and Allegret

“I made a lot of mistakes. I apologize,” Bin Laden declared. The gaucho also apologized. For him, “from the door to the outside,” there was no longer any conflict between the two.

In the conversation, Ben also said that he really likes Allegretti. “I want us to play ball together, I want us to have a barbecue moment so we can laugh and talk about a lot of things,” he joked with his brother.

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