BBB24: MC Bin Laden talks about Yasmin Brunet's character, whose sister honestly thinks about her ex-boyfriends; He watches

BBB24: MC Bin Laden talks about Yasmin Brunet's character, whose sister honestly thinks about her ex-boyfriends;  He watches

In the early hours of Wednesday (24), on BBB24, Yasmin Brunet made an honest comment about her ex-boyfriends. In a chat with MC Bin Laden and Giovanna, the 35-year-old model revealed that she felt “Compassion“From all his former partners.

After Vinicius's elimination, the singer was talking with the nutritionist in the living room, when he was surprised by a hug from Luisa Brunet's daughter. “I'm kind of annoyed by the whole thing“He said when Yasmine asked him if he was okay.”I didn't even expect you to hug me, old man. I was scared, thank you“, he added.

The sister, in turn, sat on the sofa and hugged her brother again. “Yasmine is a girl with a big heart. no one knows. How could you, right?“, commented the funk player.she is. Misunderstood. And “Malocerinha”“, added Giovanna. The model agreed with her friend. After that, MC Bin Laden revealed that he was already in a relationship with someone who looked like Brunet.

I understand you very much. I was already in a relationship with someone who had the same personality. I know what it's like. Why do you think I'm patient?“, shared the singer. The blonde laughed and reflected on her ex-boyfriends. “The underdog! I feel sorry for all my exes. They must have suffered a lot. But at the same time, they had the best person in the world. They will never have one like him. If it's worth it“, she concluded.

After Yasmine left the room, the artist was still thinking about the participants. “There are a lot of good people here, brother. Many people are out of character. It's very difficult to vote here“He finished. Giovanna agreed. He watches:

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Comments about ex in the house

This wasn't the first time Brunet had commented on his former teammates. At the beginning of the reality show, she tried to talk to Vanessa Lopez about her split from ex-husband Gabriel Medina, but left the conversation rocky. She also expressed at another time her opinion about the surfer with whom she had a relationship between 2020 and 2022.”Why [Medina] He was a poor man who couldn't make up his mind whether to stay away from someone or not.The blonde said as she spoke to Wanessa.

Yasmine also recalled the rumors that circulated about her separating the athlete from his family, and explained the truth about what happened and revealed how the criticism she received was reflected in her life to this day. In addition to Medina, the muse was married to Evandro Soldati, from 2012 to 2020, and has had relationships with other artists, including Caique Brito, MC Daniel, and Luan Santana.

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