Davey points his finger and accuses his brother: “Frame.”

Davey points his finger and accuses his brother: “Frame.”

Hey “Big Brother Brazil 24” Do not stop! At the party last Friday (03/15), bro David He decided to talk about the game and expressed his opinion on its style Bin Laden In the group of fairies.

David in “BBB 24”

Photo: Reproduction/Globo/Mis Novella

According to him, the funk singer wanted to obtain information: “I'm on this side, now, cheery [Matteus] that it Pia What's with the bracelet? “They put the bracelet on him so he thinks they're not playing, but they're playing together.” I told Isabelle.

He continued: “Sure, they're playing together and strategizing to say they're playing separately, but we're not going to fall for that. It's all a set-up! He just sat there on the couch so no one could see him talking.” And Alan, slowly, joins the conversation.”

“He's a brat! When they left, I came back with the bull a long time ago!” […] If Ben plays with Fernanda, Fernanda plays with Lucas, and Lucas plays with Giovanna… it's all there! Only those who want to fall for the scam.”He said as he finished the conversation


After that, he decided to warn his ally, Alan: “Don't talk about the match with Ben. Giovanna gave the bracelet [do Na Mira do Líder] To think that they are not playing together. He will want to get closer to relay information to the other side. You don't have evil, but he does. “He starts with a joke and it goes on.” Comment.

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