BBB24: Daffy's behavior at the endurance test upsets the brothers: “Then he gets 9 votes and thinks it's bad”; He watches

BBB24: Daffy's behavior at the endurance test upsets the brothers: “Then he gets 9 votes and thinks it's bad”;  He watches

In the early hours of Friday (9), Duffy angered some participants during a leader quiz on 'BBB 24'. In order to stay awake in the dynamic of resistance, the brother started singing loudly and upset the prisoners.

The driver said, blaring his voice to the tune of Nito Fagundes's Canto Alegretense:If I were you, I'd go to bed, that's better, haha! Go to sleep, it's better. The bed is there with air conditioning, sheets, quilt. Go to sleep, peopleMarcos Vinicius, Lucas Henrique and Inessa looked very uncomfortable.

After that, Alan started singing “Quem é o Louco Entre Nós” by Rafaela Santos, encouraging Daffy who also started singing the song. “No idea guys“Isabelle commented.”What's your problem girl?“Giovanna Beetle added to Alan, indicating that she had started another song for the driver. Yasmin Brunet appeared, placing her hand on her forehead and shaking her head.”I will freak out“, said the sister. He watches:

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But the driver sang the first song again. Rodriginho asked:You don't have anything from El Salvador, do you?“. David replied: “Wow, I like this, old man, and this encourages me to stay here moreLucas noted that this behavior is one of the reasons why the brother received 9 votes on the wall.Then he gets 9 votes and thinks it's bad! The man gets 9 votes and thinks it's persecution. […] It's boring!“He spoke.

Matthews said,Indifferent“To Daffy’s vocals, it is a song from his hometown of Alegrete in Rio Grande do Sul. Marcos concluded: “In my opinion, this gives him more power. It's a very strong point“. Bahian ended up being eliminated in the eighth round of the dispute and some participants celebrated the defeat. paying off:

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After almost 9 hours of competition, Lucas Henrique was the last to leave the leader's test on Friday morning (9). In a conversation with Leidy Elin, he actually explained that if Davi doesn't win immunity through the Angel Test, he should nominate him for the next wall. It's fire on the field!

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