BBB24: Beetle makes an unexpected request to Buddha if she is eliminated from the reality show; He watches

BBB24: Beetle makes an unexpected request to Buddha if she is eliminated from the reality show;  He watches

BBB24: Beetle makes an unexpected request to Buddha if she is eliminated from the reality show; Watch (Reproduction // Globoplay)

Giovanna Beetle surprised Lucas Henrique by making an unexpected request for her brother. Amidst the wall she faces against Alan and Beatriz, the woman from Alagoas begged not to occupy her bed if she is eliminated from BBB 24, this Tuesday (2). Furthermore, she left very clear instructions to the capoeirista to prevent anyone from staying on the bed.

The request was made by Bethel while she was packing her clothes and belongings. “If I leave, you don't have to lie on my bed, no.”“, said the sister. But Buddha laughed at the situation and said that he would not fulfill her wish. “I'll see you there, he's a blacksmith.”to reply. “I'm serious, I'm not kidding!”The Alagoan woman strengthened.

“You're leaving it covered forever in tribute. I'll keep searching. It's to keep it covered. I'll leave it well planned before I leave.”Beetle insisted, sensing his exclusion. In turn, Lucas Henrique continued to play and provoke his ally. “It's your problem. If you leak tomorrow, I'll definitely lie there.”And he warned.

But the social worker wasn't happy with the answer. “No. Respect! I’m not asking for much. I’m just asking for the bed to be isolated. How can you not? If you have a bed, Bin has a bed, and Giovanna has a bed. There is no need to sleep in my bed.”She replied.

Beetle and Fernanda shared the double bed in Gnomo's room throughout BBB 24 (Photo: Reproduction/Globoplay)

“No give. If I can sleep in a double bed, will I sleep in a single bed? Come on, Bethel. That's not going to happen. You're asking for something I can't do.”“, argued the Buddha. “I'm not asking for much. How could you not, if you've been sleeping there your whole life?”I wanted to understand Beetle.

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“That's because in Fadas, when the double bed was vacant, I used to sleep there.”The capoeirista explained. “Fadas is fadas. A gnome is a gnome. Each for their own.”“, argued the sister. Despite her partner's provocations to stay in bed, the woman from Alagoas did not give up.

“It doesn't fit. I doubt it, it doesn't fit.”,shot. Finally, Beetle remembered Fernanda, his biggest ally on BBB 24, with whom he shared a bed on the reality show. “It is a departure in honor of me and Fernanda.”I completed the wall. Later, she strengthened her desire for MC bin Laden, who preferred not to commit. “Poor thing. I can't guarantee you.”admitted the funk player.

He watches:

The result of the 16th BBB 24 wall, between Alan, Beatrice and Giovanna Beitel, will be announced by Tadeo Schmidt in the live program today. After the verdict, the brothers will face a new “leader test” and the formation of the next hot seat. Find out details about the program's “Turbo Mode” by clicking here.

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