Cuba Ball, a night of extravagance and elegance

Cuba Ball, a night of extravagance and elegance
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One of the main attractions on the Saturday night of Rio de Janeiro Carnival was the famous Copacabana Palace Ball. Celebrating its centenary under the slogan “Extravangarde”, inspired by the avant-garde artistic movements of the 20th century, the ball glorified the eccentric with a look at what was ahead of its time. Go deep and explore the subconscious, celebrating all that is unclear.

In the stunning Golden Room, the focus was on Expressionism, evoking the art of Van Gogh, one of the pioneers of this movement. The famous salon provided an immersive experience through yellow and gold sunflowers, harmonized with intense blue tones.

Meanwhile, on the dance floor and in the hotel's outdoor area, cubism took center stage, inspired by the works of Picasso, with geometric and abstract forms that defied reality. The art direction was undertaken by Gustavo Barcelone, from Barho Produções, and the scenography was designed by Daniel Cruz.

In addition to the stunning visual experience, the ball presented a luxurious buffet prepared by the famous Italian chef Nello Cassese and his team. The bars offered a special selection of drinks and juices. The stage is brought to life with special performances and famous DJs from the Rio scene.

Businesswoman, influencer and party queen, Silvia Braz, took over the Golden Room, one of the main and most popular rooms at the Rio Hotel. They also traded there:

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