BBB24: Ana Maria sends a direct message after being criticized by Devi's fans over an interview with Yasmin; He watches

BBB24: Ana Maria sends a direct message after being criticized by Devi's fans over an interview with Yasmin;  He watches

In the “Mais Você” program this Thursday (14), Ana María Braga responded to the criticism she received online after her interview with Yasmin Brunet on yesterday’s program. Some of the presenter's comments about Davy, one of the model's main opponents on BBB 24, upset netizens, and even Sonia Abrau criticized the morning queen.

At the beginning of today's edition, Anna Maria recalled Yasmine's participation and clarified her position. “Yesterday, we had coffee here with Yasmine, with opinions for and against. But there is one thing that is important, which is respect for human beings.said the caller.

“I'm not here to judge anyone. I'm here to know things. If someone is polite to me, I can't help but be polite too, right?”', he thought at the end. He watches:


During “Café com o Eliminado,” Ana María Braga addressed two main struggles that Jasmine and Davy faced during quarantine. One of them was when Bahian called the model “useless” in the game. “David used a terrible word to you again, 'useless,' and kept repeating it. Do you not see that this mood which he aroused in most people by this insistent repetition, with the same word and abuse of the person, had a role to play? [o público] Is it in his favor if a person commits aggression?“, asked the presenter.

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“Of course, Anna. I agree with you. It's just that feelings inside are rising. I told everyone that there it's like a parallel world, everything is on display. The word that sometimes doesn't find you here, catches you inside. You feel even more lonely, You only have the allies you have met now.So anything can destabilize you if you are not feeling well.Jasmine explained. paying off:

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Fight with cabins

Another point that affected the mood inside and outside the house was distorted information circulated among the brothers about Duffy's desire to remove the boxes from the program. VT showed Bahian talking to MC Bin Laden and Lucas Henrique, and Ana Maria recalled the episode.

“So, he was rooting against the boxes.”“The announcer said. Then Jasmine corrected Anna. “Not quite. Now I saw it another way, you know? It was conveyed to me another way. I realize now that he didn't want to remove the boxes, or that he was against the boxes, or that he thought they didn't deserve to win. But he would support someone who needed the money more.”He mentioned.

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On the Internet, many of Duffy's fans denounced Ana Maria Braga's statements and the position she took during her conversation with Yasmin Brunet. “Ana Maria Braga tries to paint Devi as the villain all the time. Even Jasmine had to defend. What a ridiculous act.”Open a profile. “Apparently Anna Maria hates Davy!”announced another. “Ana Maria Braga is completely biased against Devi on her show.”said a third person.

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Along with the viewers, Sonia Abrau also expressed her discontent with her professional partner, during the program “A Tarde é Sua” on RedeTV!. “It's getting ugly, isn't it? (…) At least in this regard, Jasmine was kind, and she was fair. Anna was completely uninformed. So the production team should have supported her, so as not to let the anchor go through this.” Shameful attitudes and social networks are boiling with indignation at this “forced” to the bar.he announced.

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