After being excluded from BBB 24, Raquel calls Davey 'golden rosemary' and points out inconsistency

After being excluded from BBB 24, Raquel calls Davey 'golden rosemary' and points out inconsistency

Out of place BP24, Raquel watched scenes of Davey talking to Isabelle about Manawarra's closeness to her and Michelle. During the BBB chat, she analyzed her brother's game and said what she thought of him.

“I think Isabelle is a very sensitive person, she thinks a lot with her head and I don't think she's an influenceable person,” he begins.

“But Devi is already someone who has a very firm word, and with his words, he creates many stories in her head and makes her think,” he continues.

Raquel adds: “I have always made it clear to Isabel that no matter how much I play with the people there, I will never vote for her. She is a priority for me.”

You analyze the match and the results. “But, in my mind, inside, and here too now, I see that eventually Isabelle has just become a priority for Davey, and perhaps Giovanna.”

she has, David's approach to the group of fairies only happened because of Denizian's departure and also for “convenience.”.

“David is a very funny guy, a very good guy, but in some situations in the game, he went past the point. He had very strong words, he used bad words, and when you would reciprocate, you were a mean person and a rude person.”

She concludes: “It feels like golden rosemary at home. He can do anything with everyone, but no one can do anything with him.”


Raquel was eliminated from BP24 With 87.14% of the votes on Tuesday night (19). Now, there are still four brothers and seven sisters in the most watched house in the country.

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Rakiti's rejection can be justified by the composition of Paredao, as she competed for public favor alongside two allies.

Alan and Beatrice were the least likely to vote, receiving 10.94% and 1.92% of the votes respectively.

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