BBB22: Scooby does not support his brother and announces the last crowd: “I’m going to be realistic”

BBB22: Scooby does not support his brother and announces the last crowd: "I'm going to be realistic"

Pedro Scooby does not support his brother and wins Big Brother Brasil 22; research

Previous BBB Pedro ScoobyI had to make a decision in this final of Big Brother Brazil 22. With three allies vying for R$1.5 million, the surfer did his best to defend only one mob, but he’s well-designed: his support goes to Paulo Andre.

without quote Arthur Agyar In no time, the athlete was confident in his decision and defended the victory of his best friend at home. The video was posted to her Instagram Stories.

“Congratulations to all three, but I’m going to be very realistic. From day one, we were together, me, DG and PA were together. We didn’t hesitate at all, they helped us a lot, it was great to live all this with them, they helped each other”It started.

“But, unfortunately, in the final you can’t split the vote, you have to pick one person. Well, I chose the PA, I think people will understand why. It is from the heart. I think the general manager will understand,”Scooby He finished asking for strength in the joint effort in favor of the athlete.

The sprain only increases

former sister Jade Bacon This Sunday (24) showed that he is closely following the final days of BBB22. In the United States, the model praised the finalist with Paulo AndreAnd Douglas Silva and Arthur Aguiar He did not hide his support for the previous relationship in the decision.

In her social networks, she recorded a video accompanying the Olympic athlete’s VT and described Paulista as the release’s biggest winner.“I’m watching VT Champion! Come on folks! Tomorrow there’s a full day of work!”Advertise on Instagram Stories.

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Please note that Jade Bacon It was the seventh of the season. She ended up in the hot seat after answering the big phone. At that time, the former sister automatically went to the wall and pulled Arthur Agyar together or together. She ended up eliminating her with 84.93% of the vote.

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