BBB21: Juliet goes back to a statement about the ex, and analyzes the potential friendship with “G3” here: “I’m really scared”; Watch

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There were several ships made with “BBB 21” heroine, Juliet Freire, over the course of their months of confinement. However, Paraíba preferred not to engage in any love story inside the house, and in an interview with “TBT BBB”, from Multishow, she revealed her fear of falling in love during the competition.

“I’m kissed. In real life, I love kissing, I’m kissing, and I keep and love these things, but in” BBB “I think I’m going to get confused. I’ve already lost in life and having a romantic relationship takes a lot of work. I preferred to stay in the game because I was enjoying seeing Good for other things. I mean, not good, but I tried really hard ‘, Announced.

It continues after the announcement

The makeup artist, full of new suitors, said she was looking forward to the short end of the pandemic, so she could flirt again. “After the epidemic subsides, I really need it”She joked the sister, who once warned that she would call her ex-boyfriend if she didn’t find a new liking. Now, however, Joe has classified his statements about the boy as the result of his deficiency. Iksi, Maria. No, no [vou ligar]. I said that as another sign of my need. My ex-boyfriend is a great person, but he’s even more my friend. Joking i see. I am very difficult, very difficultCommented.

Juliet, in fact, had already received an invitation from her idol, Luoan Santana, to play the “brunette” singer, in his new clip. ruffle! (Photo: Globo / Joao Cotta)

In the interview, Juliet explained that she ended up integrating the famous “G3” through her friendship with Gilberto, but saw the relationship with the economist and Sarah crumble due to differing opinions about the game’s moves. I haven’t seen much and I don’t know how to explain their reaction. But in my view, Jill and Sarah had a tribal partnership and loyalty. I got there because I was on my own, making friends with Jill and Sarah ‘, Announced.

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“It was fun because we had fun partying, got along well, and played, but there were things we didn’t agree with. I tried to give a touch here and another there. They didn’t like it, Sarah more than that and Jill was still listening. This started to crack. When I started to form other links (at home), They didn’t like it either. Anyway, the dialogue is over and the “eternal happiness” is over. we are separated”, he added.

When asked if the trio could win a new chance here, the makeup artist was cautious and admitted that she intended to see everything that happened in the game before making a decision. “I saw nothing. I just saw a meme and a joke. I knew a few things. I’m talking to her.” (Sarah) Normal, I think she’s a good person, I love it, but to be a trio, I still need to see everything right because I don’t know, I’m so afraid. I questioned myself a lot inside, and thought I was so wrong that now I’m trying to hold back my feelings. ”, pointed out.

Really, Juliet doesn’t seem quite ready to face Sarah again. Sister was caught by a hotel fan and was surprised by an order. “Send a kiss to Sarit?”, The admirer asked, pointing to the ship between the lawyer and Brasiliense. “Sarit? Oh my God. I cant. I can’t.”Paraibana, who laughed upon hearing the name the duo’s fans were creating, replied. In the pictures, the security guard also tries to take the sister out after ordering. Watch the video and see the reactions of netizens:

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