Alessandra Scatina reveals harassment behind the scenes of “Legal Sunday” | Column Fabia Oliveira

Alessandra Scatina reveals harassment behind the scenes of "Legal Sunday" |  Column Fabia Oliveira

Alessandra Scattina, the former stage assistant for Gugu Liberato on the ’90s series Domingo Legal, revealed that she experienced backstage harassment from SBT. “The most I heard at the time was: ‘I loved you so much and I want to take you out,'” said the businesswoman, always in this little conversation, and always in this imprint.

A 46-year-old widowed for just over a year from Ruggero Ghorbali, a victim of Covid-19, Alessandra did not want to reveal the names, but ended up in an awkward situation with one of the idols of romantic music in the world: Julio Iglesias.

“Think of a flirtatious man, to say the least. He used to say to Gogo, ‘I’m taking this woman with me.'” The whole program, calling me ‘guapa’ and ‘hermosa’, kept looking at me from head to toe and from head to toe. To toe. A ridiculous thing. This is very ridiculous,” he told broadcaster Mauricio Meirelles during an interview on the “Foi Mau” program.

At the time, Alessandra was newly married to Ruggiero and although he said he was not single, the Spanish singer insisted on the line. I no longer know what to answer.”

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