BBB21: Fábio Jr. Voice message to Fiuk and accepts it to Juliette and Camilla

BBB21: Fábio Jr.  Voice message to Fiuk and accepts it to Juliette and Camilla

During the live program on Monday (3), on the eve of the final “BBB21“, the host Thiago Leverett I decided to present a gift to the finalists, Lucas stretcherAnd the Phuk e Juliet, With voice messages from their families.

Both my mother and father left messages of support for their three children, and the great expectation, of course, was in the voice the singer sent. Fabio Jr.Father Fug. Thiago, who already knew it was going to be an amazing moment, kept the singer’s letter at last, after letters from Camilla and Juliet’s parents, and Phuoc’s mother.

The singer opened his voice by singing excerpts from Phuk’s new song, which became one of the show’s songs.

“you are the love of my life. [Cantando] Yes, puppy! Gee, congratulations to you. It is not easy. I am also grateful for sharing this experience with you. Brigado! “

Fabio Jr. also took the opportunity and left a message full of sympathy to finalists Juliet and Camilla de Lucas: “Bijaw, Juliet! Big kiss, Camilla! Stay with God!”

The sisters could not hide their surprise and delight at receiving a message from the singer: “Oi! Did he say my name?” Juliet shouted. “I’m done! Fabio Jr. knows me!” Said Camila.

Thiago Leverett was enjoying the singer’s message and said, “That’s why I finally left him. He knows his idol status. Talk about everyone, they? Different!”

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