BR’OZ’s Jhean Marcell reveals the fight against Covid-19: ‘Don’t underestimate this disease’


Jean Marcel, Member of the PrauseReveal the complicated moments he went through because of COVID-19. The singer was hospitalized for five days for treatment of the disease and did not stop thinking about his family in the hospital. In an exclusive interview with On the small screenHe told the musician how he found out he had the disease, and revealed details about hospitalization and what his plans are after treatment.

“My daughter had a fever and my wife and I were referred to the doctor to get tested, and the result was positive, so everyone here at home took the test and it came back to me. I started feeling very sleepy and a little tired. In less than a week these symptoms increased until the saturation dropped a lot and we decided to go To the hospital “.

“I was intubated for 5 days and I was not afraid at any time. I lost my parents to Covid in December and knew God was with me there. My only concern was my daughter and my wife and what they were going through here. I was never afraid,” said the 39-year-old singer. ! I knew that God was with me all the time and that his will would be fulfilled, but it all led to the loss of my father.”

Jhean Marcell points out plans after Covid-19

The singer was hospitalized in May and needed intubation. Now back to his family, after feeling the effects on his skin and discovering just how severe the disease is, Jan urges people not to underestimate Covid-19.

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“Don’t underestimate this disease, because it doesn’t pick anyone and it’s not a joke, it’s not a meme! It’s so dangerous, that it almost took me, it took my father and many other lives. Have mercy. Another thing “believe in the power of faith, God Good all the time,” asked the singer, who wants to resume his work with Pros and music production soon.

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