BBB: Wanessa Camargo drinks too much at a party and confesses about Davey; Watch videos

BBB: Wanessa Camargo drinks too much at a party and confesses about Davey;  Watch videos

The Big Brother Brasil (BBB24) party, on Friday (16), saw a performance by Dennis DJ and a night full of revelations and gossip between the brothers. After clashing with Devi since the beginning of the program, Wanessa Camargo, who was already drunk, made a surprising confession about Devi.

During the party sponsored by ice cream manufacturer Kibun, DJ Dennis led the party with songs like “Joga pra lua” and “Eu bem que te avisei,” which entertained the participants at home. The artist even tricked the brothers with a Big Fone ringtone in a special mix, sparking a rush and laughter in Brazil's most watched house.

After the show, each participant performed their own act, starting with Rodriginho, who sang “Pagoda” and pretended to take off his shirt. Before the show, the brother cried in the gnome's room and bin Laden consoled him, saying: “You are a man with a big heart. Everyone can see that.”

After that, the two pulled themselves together and went on stage to dance to MC Bin Laden's song “It's Quiet, It's Right.”

While the party was entertaining the participants in the garden, Alan cried in Vada's room, fearing that she would be left out of the program: “I'm sure I'll leave this time,” she admitted, commenting that she thought Racolo would put her on Paredão because she had been chosen as a target in “Na Mira do Líder”.

At Central Commander, Rakolo listened to the entire conversation between Alan, Beatrice, and Denizian, and then went to tell his allies of his impressions. “they [fadas] They kept saying we're leaving out… It's nice to feel certain things on your skin! When it's here it doesn't hurt, but when it's in others it hurts!” he said.

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Vanessa's surprises

Wanessa stated that she believes she is not well respected by the public, in a conversation with Yasmin Brunet: “I've already lost my mind, I'm sure I was canceled there.”

She also assessed that the show is for ordinary people: “I thought they would put the villain in very clearly. There are no villains at all.”

In a conversation with Isabelle, Wanessa said she wanted to leave the BBB: “I'm happy with where I've come, it's great now.” When asked if she really wanted to leave, she reiterated: “I do.”

Speaking with Yasmine, Wanessa said that she “sees” three participants in the final. First, the model praised Isabel and her show in the early hours of the morning: “Her representation of Brazil is very important. She is important for Brazil, she represents a lot of things. Now, I understand more.” Announce.

Beatrice will be the other finalist from the sisters' point of view. Yasmine asks: “And Pia, we always thought we would go (to the final), didn’t we?” “Pia does not exist. I have never met anyone like Pia in my life. This makes me want to hug her and take care of her,” Wanessa agrees.

Finally, the two agreed that Davey would be the finalist. “David has completely broken me already.”Jasmine admitted.

Soon after, in the company of Jasmine, Lady Elin and Lucas Henrique, the sister burst into tears and could not contain the realization: “I'm not going to win this here. I'm not going to make it to the final,” she said through tears.

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“You've thought Davy's a hero,” replied Lady Elaine, to which the singer replied: “But he is.” Then the transista started motivating Wanessa: “We don't know what it's like over there. Follow your heart.”

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