Gretchen's husband reveals the singer's health condition after surgery

Gretchen's husband reveals the singer's health condition after surgery

Singer Gretchen underwent a delicate surgery, accompanied by her husband, Esdras de Souza

After receiving the diagnosis of Singer's adenomyosis Gretchen I experienced a delicate surgery to remove my uterus. Esdras de Souza, the husband of the famous woman, on Wednesday 21/02, used social media to reassure fans and tell details about the health of his lover.

Esdras de Souza and Gretchen

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/Marcia Piovesan

This was mentioned in the stories Gretchen He does not feel any pain and his recovery is going well. “She had a perfect, pain-free night. But, somehow, I already knew that, mainly because she had had five C-sections in her life.”seem.

Then he said she got out of bed and left the room. “But where is she? She's already there, guys! You know what she looks like, right? She's already gotten up, showered, washed and dried her hair, put on her hair braces, and even put on makeup.” He said

Finally he announced: “Her bed is empty here. I'm looking for her, but I can't find her. I think she must be there talking to some nurses. But that's all, just good news. I knew she would recover quickly. Thank you for everything.”

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