BBB Day 101 cries and is afraid of Alfie and apologizes

BBB Day 101 cries and is afraid of Alfie and apologizes

End point “BBB 21 “event with the special edition of” BBB Dia 101 “, last night, with a meeting of 20 participants to talk about the impact Reality show in their lives. In general, the phrase “I’m sorry” was the one most used by the two brothers as a way to turn the page on mistakes made in confinement.

Lucas Pintido, who withdrew from the show after suffering psychological torture, left the rift with Carole Conca and Nego De in the past and settled with them. Arthur Caio told that he was in love, and Viih Tube also appeared in the transcript for apologizing to Juliet for criticizing her inside the most watched home in Brazil.

Do you want to know what happened at the last meeting of the brothers in “Big Brother Brazil 21 ??” Come and enjoy with us:

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Game partner

The first move inside the house Lucas Bentido and Nego D.. The actor approached the comedian to greet him, overheard an apology for the friction at the start of the match and before saying everything was a part of the past.

No matter what you find, you are my partner in the game.

BBB 21: Nego Di and Lucas Cuddle Up in 'BBB Day 101' - Clone / Globoplay - Clone / Globoplay

BBB 21: Nego Di and Lucas embrace ‘BBB Day 101’

Photo: Play / Globoplay

Basic nonsense, right, in it?

After succeeding in “BBB 21” to contact the two brothers, Mom and Dad, and compare some with their family members, Viih Tube never missed the opportunity to play in the reunion of Nego Di and Caio Afiune.

The YouTuber saw the brothers embracing and mocking that they had described them as a father in custody.

Then my parents together. how beautiful he is!

BBB 21: Viih Tube and Nego Di Embrace Each Other - Clone / TV Globo - Clone / TV Globo

BBB 21: Embrace Viih Tube and Nego Di

Picture: Play / TV Globo

New apology

Lumena Aleluia took the opportunity to apologize to Carla Diaz. A DJ approached the actress amid the sibling to confirm that she was wrong to judge her without being attacked by her in-game.

Humbly, I’m sorry. She did not offend me at any time, nor did she criticize me.

Carla listened carefully to the message and did not continue to say that she is not the type to hold a grudge against anyone.

I work to not keep the bad and past things.

BBB 21: Lumina apologizes to Carla Diaz - clone / Globoplay - clone / Globoplay

BBB 21: Lumina apologizes to Carla Diaz

Photo: Play / Globoplay

Repentance that speaks, right?

Viih Tube burst into tears when she saw Juliet Face to face inside the most watched home in Brazil. It wasn’t until YouTube that the hero of Big Brother Brasil 21 spoke and began to apologize for hurting her.

I really hope you will forgive me. Oh really.

Juliet was surprised by the YouTuber’s reaction and asked for calm. “Thank you, I haven’t seen anything yet. I haven’t seen my mom yet!”

BBB 21: Viih Tube Apologizes to Juliet on BBB Day 101 - Clone / Globoplay - Clone / Globoplay

BBB 21: Viih Tube apologizes to Juliet on BBB Day 101

Photo: Play / Globoplay

Karthur lives No Arthur!

During a conversation with Caio Afyon, Arthur revealed that he was having a hard time controlling his feelingsBut he did not mention the name of the person who says he loves her.

Old man, in morals, I am in love. You have no idea.

Caio indicated that his colleague was talking about Carla Diaz, with whom he had a love story in “Big Brother Brasil 21”. He asked, “Have you not had any other conversations before?”

Arthur has denied having had contact with the actress. He concluded, “And there won’t even be, but we are there. Life goes on.”

BBB 21: Arthur says he's in love during BBB Day 101 - Breed / Globoplay - Breed / Globoplay

BBB 21: Arthur says he’s in love during BBB 101

Photo: Play / Globoplay

“I do not judge anyone else”

Highest rejection rate in BBB history, With 99.17% of the vote they came out on the fourth wall, Carole Konka had a timid entry into the house, but he didn’t miss an opportunity to apologize to Lucas Pintido.

The actor agreed and declared that everything is already a thing of the past. He said, “Life goes on. You didn’t commit a crime. That was a game.” He thanked the rapper: “Thank you,” he replied.

After settling with Lucas Penteado, he did The rapper revealed that he is not able to watch all the videos Their participation in reality The Rede Globo Show.

That year was a year of reflection and rejection. I don’t judge anyone else anymore, I don’t judge … I don’t know if I’ve been able to watch it all, but what I saw was just so bad.

BBB 21: Carol Konka talks about 'BBB 21' in 'BBB Day 101' - clone / Globoplay - clone / Globoplay

BBB 21: Carol Konka talks about BBB 21 at BBB Day 101

Photo: Play / Globoplay

Gilberto studied!

Amid cozy chatting and no dirty laundry, host. “BBB 21He also opened his heart to say he is Gilberto Nogueira who made him understand the significance and symbolism of Pablo Vitar:

I always liked Pablo Vitar’s songs, I thought the songs were great, but I didn’t understand the cause of the fuss, why they are so important, and now I learned from a generation. I said: Oh, now I see. When I saw Pabllo Vittar successful, accepting her the way she is, singing the way she sings, lying the way she sings, doing what she does, being someone else on Instagram and performing in another way, so powerful, I said: ‘Oh, I understand now, because there is A lot of people who want to do that and can’t do it get hit on the street because of exactly that. ‘

The economics doctoral student was impressed by Thiago Leverett’s speech and used the space to thank messages of affection from the audience.

A message of respect and acceptance was conveyed. But I also wanted to say, Thiago, I thank God I left so loved, but the people here talk about the way they left, the way they were received, and I think respect and acceptance are not only, but everyone. We also need to accept the error of the next and accept the evolution of the next. Nobody deserves to be attacked, no one deserves to be threatened, and no one deserves to suffer from this kind of thing.

BBB 21: Gilberto influenced by Thiago Leverett's speech on

BBB 21: Gilberto Influenced by Thiago Levert’s Speech in ‘BBB Day 101’

Photo: Play / Globoplay

Zero remorse

After “BBB 21” was criticized for being deleted, Nego Di changed the rhetoric inside Special by saying that the program It made him see the mistakes he was making in his life.

Having participated in this here made me think of several things in my life, because the same mistakes I had made here at home I had made in the outside world. Everyone asks me if I regret and I say no. It was very good to participate in this program.

BBB 21: Nego Di denies regrets for sharing in Reality - cloning / Globoplay - cloning / Globoplay

BBB 21: Nego Di denies sorry for actually sharing it

Photo: Play / Globoplay

Attention, “Aloe Vera”!

Juliette Freire took advantage of the exhibition “BBB Dia 101” To send a message to “Cactus” – the official fan emoji. “ The makeup artist said she didn’t want to see her fans uninstall anyone on social media:

For some reason, people are like me, and what they like most about me is my ability to reinvent myself, look at each other or sympathize. If you sympathize with me, if you like me, I think this is not the time to attack anyone, and judge anyone. If you like me for it then it doesn’t make sense for you to do it to people. You are a cactus and you also have thorns, we all have.

Project spree

Projota fell into tears as the brothers had conversations with Thiago Leverett About the impact of the game on your life. The rapper stated that the reality show experience was essential to getting him to rethink his stances.

People love me because of my art, and I’m so sorry I’m not the bad guy they expected of me. If I were, I wouldn’t have delivered these songs to them. I could only get it done because this way, I fail, make mistakes, make mistakes and because I want to get better.

Some of the things I lived through at the time, I managed to fight and I didn’t think I had any flaws anymore. That was the process and I thought I was perfect there two and a half years ago, and no. I needed to be here, I needed to live it, I needed to leave the road I left, I needed to hear what I heard, so now I can think about all of this and get better.

BBB 21: Projota cries in 'BBB Dia 101' - clone / Globoplay - clone / Globoplay

BBB 21: Projota Cries in ‘BBB Day 101’

Photo: Play / Globoplay

Tears of Leifert

At the end of the exhibition “BBB Dia 101”, Thiago Levert also burst into tears Speaking of all the behind-the-scenes work of the “BBB” team for showing the reality show on air.

I am honored to be the one shown here, but I don’t deserve the praise I get. I represent many, many people and I would like to take this opportunity with my friends who are not attending. All they deserve because they are so good.

The brothers stood to greet the host and the entire “Big Brother Brasil 21” team. The brothers said, “Thank you all.”

BBB 21: Thiago Leverett cries on BBB Day 101 - Cloning / TV Globo - Cloning / TV Globo

BBB 21: Thiago Leverett cries on BBB Day 101

Picture: Play / TV Globo

And expired “BBB 21” …

BBB: Police Cases

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