Leo Maya, who says he is Tim Maya’s son, is ordered to make amends to his half-brother

Leo Maya, who says he is Tim Maya’s son, is ordered to make amends to his half-brother

Leo, Tim and Carmelo Maya

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a The São Paulo court sentenced the singer Leo Maya To pay compensation to his half-brother, Carmelo Mayathe sole heir to Tim Maya (1942-1998), preventing him from continuing the project Team Maya for children.

The court ordered the payment of R$35,000 for each show held since 2019 and compensation for moral damages of R$10,000. The total amount of compensation will also be calculated.

Leo and Carmelo are brothers on their mother’s sideMaria de Jesús Gomez da Silva JessaBut only the second one is Tim Maya’s son and has inheritance rights to his work.

The case was opened in 2019, alleging that the half-brother was exploiting Tim Maya’s fame and status without permission to obtain financial returns.

He declared before the court that he “disdainfully declares himself the son of Tim Maya and misappropriates his name, image and works.”

Leo defended himself in court by saying that he is Tim Maya’s sociopathic son and that he “was raised that way since he was still in his mother’s womb.”

The musician also claimed that he appeared on numerous television shows during a career that lasted over 20 years, and that during this period, his physical resemblance to Tim Maia, as well as his voice, were always highlighted.

Lawyers Diego Perraden and Bruno Armenio, who represent him, told the court that “Leo Maia has always been associated with the character of Tim Maia.” “If following the same career is not enough, he is keen to pass on his father’s legacy to new generations.”

The lawyers requested that the compensation process be suspended until the final ruling is issued in the paternity investigation case being processed in the courts of Rio de Janeiro. In the first case, Leo actually lost. The Rio court considered that it had not been proven that Tim Maia had a caring fatherly relationship with Leo.

In the decision convicting Leo Maia, in a São Paulo court, Judge João Bazin Neto, rapporteur of the case, stated that his conduct was described as illegal due to the unauthorized commercial use of Tim Maia’s name and image. Liu Maya can still appeal.

Report from Land She contacted Leo Maia, but has not yet received a response.

Source: Redacao Terra

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