“BBB 24”: Tadeo Schmidt says “Good night, Calabrians” and clarifies: “It's not fatphobia”

“BBB 24”: Tadeo Schmidt says “Good night, Calabrians” and clarifies: “It's not fatphobia”

Tadeo Schmidt (clone/globo)

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On this Thursday night 1 Tadeo Schmidt Editing has begun BP24 Globo is playing on the word Calapresso uses David During a discussion with Lucas Henrique.

The presenter also clarified that the term has nothing to do with fatphobia, as bin Laden told his fellow prisoners.

“Good evening, pepperoni people… I'll just explain that 'Calabreso' is a joke that has spread on the Internet, and has nothing to do with fatphobia. But the majority in the house did not know that, and then the atmosphere,” which was already hot, generally exploded! “, The journalist said.

At the party on Wednesday the 31st David Named Lucas in “Calabrian” During a discussion in BP24. This term caused widespread confusion among participants and Bahian had to explain himself.

“You're a blabbermouth! Come on, Calabrese!”“, said the app driver to the capoeira teacher. Lady, Giovanna that it Marcus They even asked what the word meant.

“What is pepperoni? Don't act like you don't understand. They say pepperoni refers to a fat person.”– asked the Transist. “I didn't call him fat, just 'pepperoni'.”David replied.

“It's a review that exists in El Salvador. It doesn't make any sense in terms of insults… Let him invent what he wants.”, he added. The expression was created by Tonino Tornado It is a nickname used for prank purposes.

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