Understand why Marcia Fo cried when Simeone was eliminated – A Fazenda 15

Understand why Marcia Fo cried when Simeone was eliminated – A Fazenda 15

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  • Marcia cried with relief when Simeone was eliminated.
  • Biwa stated that “only God knows how much he needs a response” from the audience.
  • Minutes earlier, the former athlete had happily celebrated Callie’s return to headquarters;
  • Simeone blamed Marcia for her downfall at Rocca.

Biwa did not hide his happiness with Roca’s result
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reaction Marcia Fu With elimination Simeone In Quinta Roca de Farm 15 It went from deep celebration to tears of relief! The person couldn’t hold back his emotions when commenting on it Kale That “only God knows how much [ela] He needed this response from the audience and had to calm him down Andrew.

The dispute between the athlete and the businesswoman returned in the formation of another Roca. Although she credited her first appearance in the spotlight to Simeone, Marcia stood with her upon her return to headquarters. But things went wrong when he decided to save Nadia At Resta One, the choice is made Simeone stayed And bring them to public trial.

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The businesswoman felt betrayed, and repeated several times that she went to Roca only because of the “crocodile” of the former athlete, whose photo appears. He wrote the word “snake” He spat several times. Marcia in turn The reasons mentioned for abandoning the rescue of Simeone, Including the old beef they had.

If she stays in the game, Roceira has already planned the taunt she will conduct with her new rival, as well as decreeing to end the alliance once and for all. But when she didn’t return, Marcia was happy and celebrated Callie’s triumphant entry into headquarters.

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Minutes later, he burst into tears, saying that “the important thing is that the truth was told” and that “the public knows everything.” The person also said “Again [Simioni] Try [a] enxovalhar”, referring to the opponent’s letters on the deck.

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Remember Simeone’s path indeed!

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