BBB 24: Tadeo Schmidt cries when he says Davey's mother sold lemons while she was pregnant; video

BBB 24: Tadeo Schmidt cries when he says Davey's mother sold lemons while she was pregnant;  video

The story of Duffy, the hero of BBB 24, moved presenter Tadeo Schmidt during the speech in which he announced the results of the reality show, on Tuesday evening. The announcer talked a little about each finalist (Duffy, Matthews and Isabelle). At one point, when mentioning the app driver's mother, Taddeo's voice choked.

“With that intelligence and discipline that we see every day at home, plus what you've already won at the BBB, no matter what today's result is, you can tell that girl who was once pregnant, selling lemons, sitting on the street stall,” the announcer said in a choked voice. “Her son will definitely be a doctor.” Click here and watch!!

After the program, the broadcaster talked about the emotion in the last minutes. “When it comes to the final, it's not just today, it's not just about the champion's speech. That's all that adds up at this moment. There are a lot of stories, a lot of powerful facts. We are very involved with those people over there,” Taddeo told Gshow. .

“So, in the final moment, everything comes at the same time. It's a lot of emotion!” He added: “They are really unforgettable days, and today was absolutely unforgettable.”


Duffy won BBB 24 with 60.52% of the vote. The Bahian Hotel took home the prize of R$2,920,000 and a TrailBlazer SUV worth approximately R$370,000. The announcement came on Tuesday evening (16), fulfilling expectations of an isolated victory for the brother.

Mateus came in second place with 24.5% and won the prize of 150,000 Brazilian riyals. Isabel came in third place with 14.98% of the votes and won R$50,000.

Read Tadeo Schmidt's letter

To say that the BBB is messing up the country from north to south is no longer just an expression. The North is shaken by the fact that she is Buranga, the woman who yoked the bulls. Today everyone is guaranteed, everyone is Caprichoso, everyone is Isabel. In the south, don't ask me where Allegrete is, because after Matthew there is no one who doesn't know Allegrete.

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And between the two parties is a celebration of Salvador, the first capital of Brazil, the heart of that country to this day, the land of David. How many people of Bahia came across this boy selling water by the bucket, in Lapa, and had no way of knowing what phenomenon they were dealing with.

The boy who used to sell popsicles on the bus, whose feet were black from walking barefoot, now competes for cars, competes for prizes, and competes for millions. Fighting for a dream that seemed out of reach. And to think you were so close to pressing the button. There it seemed that all was lost. How important it was to have Isabel by your side. Her sister-in-law did not let go of her friend's hand at all. This is one of the main strengths of this warrior. It was the same with David. And so it was with others as well.

These are the moments when Isabel forgets her own interests and only thinks about that person standing in front of her who needs help. In Duffy's case, imagine the internal conflict between her sister. Almost everyone was against David. Which side should Isabel be on? From David or from the overwhelming majority? She stayed with her friend. never. Sad and distressed, he questions the ally and dialogues with him. But always loyal. And it wasn't just a moment here and there, no.

It is difficult to remember any of those 100 days in which David was not at the center of history. He never refused a review, even when it wasn't him. He didn't hide, he didn't run away at all. It has received a lot of criticism. Those who criticized his mistakes were not entirely wrong. But anyone who did not see how willing David was to right these wrongs was blind. This “I'm a man” thing. What is this? “PSST, PSST, PSST, PSST” works. Sometimes he runs away, doesn't he, Davey? But it is not due to lack of effort that we do not repeat what bothers others. It will continue like this. Do you know why? Do you know why Davey does this? It is the sum of humility and intelligence. But incredibly intelligent.

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With that intelligence, plus your discipline that we saw every day in this house, plus what you've already won from the BBB. No matter the outcome of the day, you can tell that pregnant girl who was selling lemons one day while sitting on a street bench, you can tell that girl that her son will definitely be a doctor. But what about here in the game? Was it worth saying everything to your face, going to the showdown, and not taking your foot off the gas, not even in the final stage?

Matthaus also gave himself to the game with his body and soul, but in a more peaceful way, right? He had just become a monster in the tests, Allegrete's monster. He was always the friendliest guy, even in the middle of a fight. If he didn't do anything that would make Fu Niuza angry, even with so much disagreement. What impact does this have on people, inside and outside the home?

The numbers are very strange: Matthaus went to only three barredos out of a total of 21, only because he would not go to the last unless he won the finalist's test. The percentages of votes he received to eliminate him are laughable: 2.23%, 1.07%, 0.82%. He is the candidate without rejection. Moreover, they formed a couple at the end of the party. What a couple, rare chemistry! There's been a lot of talk this year about romantic relationships, whether they get in the way, whether they help, and then what? And then we saw it all in over 20 BBB issues. Many different profiles can bring victory.

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The BBB received 24 funds that were already successful, but above all, the Brazilians were represented. Pass through here are the motorcycle courier, the street vendor, the school cook, the groundsman, the transista, the driver, the teacher, the confectioner, the debtors… workers who practice their profession with dignity, but who have a dream of a more comfortable life. Today the BBB only confirms that what our people need is a chance to show their worth.

From the north to the south of the country, how many people are cheering now and see themselves in these three finalists? Three Brazilians who share a simple life, with a lot of sweat and a difficult childhood, and who at some point had to give up the studies they wanted so much because life demanded it? And victory goes to the one who most deserves it for everything he is. For the hope it represents, and for the way in which he gave himself in these 100 days in his own way. It's hard to see yourself experiencing a dream, so get ready to embrace it, because BBB 24 victory is yours, Davey.

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