BBB 24 poll: Who should stand on the fence between Alan, Beatrice, Isabel and Juninho

BBB 24 poll: Who should stand on the fence between Alan, Beatrice, Isabel and Juninho

Beatrice, Juninho, Alan and Isabel compete for the seventh wall of BBB 24. (Photo: Disclosure, Globo)

The seventh wall of the edition was formed by Alan, Beatrice, Isabel and Juninho are in the spotlight and vying to remain in the most watched house in the country. Formation took place on Sunday (4) and elimination on Tuesday (6). Read on to find out how the wall was formed and vote in our participant poll That you want to leave In BP24.

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Vote in the poll on the seventh wall of BBB 24

How to vote on BBB 24

In the first six walls, the realistic vote went to staying at home. Thus, the participant who received the lowest votes for that week was eliminated. However, now he will be a participant Most votes Who says goodbye to home?

Another change is that there are two types of votes: public vote and individual vote. The propeller model is the “mutirões” model com.gshow, with no voting limit. One voice, as its name suggests, is unique. To do this, you must register on the Globo website and submit your CPF.

The voting result is a weighted average of the two voting models, taking into account a weight of 50% in each method. I wasn't sure how to work, click here See an example of calculating a mixed voting system.

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How the BBB's Seventh Wall Was Formed 24

The formation of the Seventh Wall of BBB 24 began under the leadership of Sister Fernanda, who had it in mind. Alan, Beatrice, Denizian and Jasmine. In the last few days, the leader and Alan have moved the house with a very heated discussion that started in the gym and developed at various moments of the program, including live injections.

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BBB 24: Fernanda makes fun of Alan's body and the sisters make a “hut”

Angel of the week was from Matthew After winning three stages of the race on Saturday (3). In addition to being autoimmune, the brother decided to get immunized Denizian this Sunday (4). Then Commander Fernanda pointed Beatrice to the wall.

In punishment of the monster, Betel and Juninho They were chosen by Brother. To keep him company at the Angel's Luncheon, Matthews invited Denizian, Alain, and Beatrice.

This Sunday (4), the Big Fone rang and was answered by Davi who automatically received immunity and had to divide the house into two groups, not counting the leader Fernanda. The brother also moved the house this week in a fight with McBin Laden and Lucas, which ended up causing confusion when Daffy called Lucas “Calabreso.”

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BBB 24: After the fight with Davey, MC Bin Laden refuses to eat the food his brother makes

The most famous Big Fone calls in reality history

The participants, who were divided into two groups by Brother Duffy, had to vote for someone from the other group and someone from their own group, resulting in four people in the end. The most vocal in this dynamic were Allan (in tiebreak for leader), Isabel, Juninho and Marcus Vinicius.

And in Patty Volta's race, of the five candidates for the wall, only Alan, Isabel, Juninho and Marcos Vinicius They were able to participate in the testing. In dynamics, Marcus Vinicius managed to save himself and escape from the wall.

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