Battlefield 6: Videos feature new leaked teasers

Imagem de: Battlefield 6: vídeos mostram novas imagens vazadas do trailer

EA Games has yet to show its upcoming reveal battlefieldBut the Internet does the work for the company. After the details come online last week, Many photos of the game presentation are currently being shown on forums and social networks, including possible gameplay excerpts.

Publication available on the site Imgur He has compiled the leaks so far and created a sequence that is supposed to be part of the presentation video. The photos show a modern warfare environment, including a robotic dog and a missile that detonates at the takeoff base.

Pictures of the upcoming Battlefield trailer.Source: Imgur

In addition to the images above, a video posted on TikTok reportedly brought more pictures of the trailer and gameplay of the game as possible Battlefield 6. In order not to be deleted by EA, the video contains several random clips related to the game’s theme, including sequences from previous titles in the franchise and parts of the episode. MetalheadFrom the series Black mirror.

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However, according to VG47At least part of the video can be from Battlefield 6. In addition to the missile sequence, the video shows, right at the start, a squad with soldiers with a gameplay.

While the information is unconfirmed, leak specialist Tom Henderson points out that about 80% of the trailer is new battlefield It already appeared on the Internet. In other words, EA Games now only need to release production in HD.

The next title in the franchise battlefield It will be released later this year and will have releases for Eighth and ninth generation keyboardsAnd also the personal computer. The trend is for official news to appear about the title in the early weeks of June, time E3 2021.

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