Barnier wants to fill the UK with immigrants, increasing tensions between the UK and France – the world

Barnier wants to fill the UK with immigrants, increasing tensions between the UK and France - the world
The former Brexit negotiator defends the conclusion of the migration agreement between the two countries.

Francisco J. Consolves
November 28, 2021 10:08 am

He was Brexit’s key negotiator for the European Union (EU), defending the conclusion of the border control agreement signed in 2003 and setting fire to the strained relations between Paris and London by opening the doors to immigrants. Have to go to the UK. The controversial statement by Michael Barnier, now the French presidential candidate, follows the release of an official letter from the British Prime Minister, in which he recommends that France repatriate immigrants from the French coast to England.If he is elected after Emmanuel Macron, in 2022, the UK and France will have border control points in Dover (southern England) and Calais (northern France). But it is France’s responsibility to stop undocumented immigrants, who receive more than மில்லியன் 50 million a year from the British for patrolling the coast.
Already tensions over Brexit and allegations of breach of British fishing agreements with France escalated this week following the deaths of 27 migrants in the English Channel. Macron accused Johnson of “lack of seriousness” for publishing a letter recommending solutions to the problem and invited the British Home Secretary to an official event to discuss the migration crisis.

The Kurdish youth was first identified as the victim
Mariam Noori Mohamed Amin, a 24-year-old Kurdish woman, was on board a migrant boat that sank in the English Channel on Wednesday and was the first of 27 identified victims.The boyfriend, who lives in the UK, says Noori sent him messages when the dangerous rubber boat he was traveling in began to lose air. She hoped she would be saved until the end, but help came too late. Only one Iraqi and one Somali survived.

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