Barbara Evans cries when, after several attempts, she discovers the pregnancy, surprising her husband; Come and watch!

Barbara Evans cries when, after several attempts, she discovers the pregnancy, surprising her husband;  Come and watch!

Happy news amongst a lot of bad news! Barbara Evans Friday (3) announced that she is finally pregnant! After the arduous, emotional and painful process of IVF, the model and influencer shared happiness with the first time. pregnancy She showed how she surprised her husband, Gustavo Theodoro, with the novelty.

And the blonde appeared in the video published this morning on her account on Instagram, and she is anxiously awaiting the result of a pregnancy test in a pharmacy. While chatting to the camera, she admitted her fear that the fertilization process would not work, since her many attempts had previously been unsuccessful. “I never thought this wait was so hard, but I have faith, I just shake my head,” She said.

After that, daughter Monique Evans I broke down in tears when I realized she got a positive result. “I can’t believe what I see. Do you see? It worked,” Celebrated with tears. Then Barbara planned how she would tell her lover the surprise.

In the pictures it is possible to see that the influencer prepared lunch for Gustavo, left the table on the table and hid the test under a napkin. As soon as he sat down to eat, he found the thing, saw the positive result, and with a big smile on his face, he hugged and kissed his wife. Just look at the beautiful moment:

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Soon, in her Instagram stories, the blonde celebrated the long-awaited achievement. “Yes my people! We are pregnant, we are so happy. Thank you so much for joining me and rooting for us so much. We are so radiant, so really, really, really happy,” announced.

And the mother of the beauty Monique, in the comments, celebrated the happiness of her daughter and son-in-law. “I am speechless to describe this moment. Thank God for this blessing!!! Love hurts!! How do they deserve it. The happiest grandmother in the world!!!!”, he wrote. We hope Barbara, Gustavo and the new baby on the road are healthy and happy!

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