Rodrygo gets upset with his housemates

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Rodrygo is being criticized by some of the participants in BBB 22 For being so attached to the game that she is paranoid. But for him, this behavior is normal and he did not like the qualities that he received from his fellow prisoners, Pedro Scobe and Douglas Silva, who also said the same about Luciano.

He thinks the audience sees him with bad eyes because he is alone and not in any group: “I can’t fit in. I have to be the boring editorial, paranoid, because everyone says I’m crazy, but that’s not what I’m kidding about either.”


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For him, the fact that Pedro Scobe and Douglas Silva Repeating so often that he was paranoid, it made him begin to believe this: “But more and more of them are doing it, as a group, I feel this way. I feel small and they are growing up. We saw yesterday that they have strength to connect with each other. Subtly, and then everyone loves them. Everyone. And we feel small to vote for them, they are getting stronger and more and more advanced in the the game “.

on Luciano, Rodrygo’s comment with Maria What do you want or a sandwich Douglas Silva on the podium To earn points: And I said, ‘I’m out, I’ll be the target,’ you know? And as General Manager Luciano called the podium yesterday, not because he liked the General Manager, he called because he already felt that the General Manager would be strong in making allies. And Luciano, if he stays in Paredão, So what was he thinking? Oops, the general manager will have another ally. It makes him stronger. And I didn’t fit in. And I feel lonely. It’s all a joke.”

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