Banco do Brasil gives discounts of up to 74% on over 1,500 properties

Banco do Brasil gives discounts of up to 74% on over 1,500 properties

A person interested in acquiring the property can do so either through auctions or selling online. Learn the details.

Have you ever imagined that you could buy your home with the facilities offered by Banco do Brasil? Financial institution offers 1550 properties For sale in several Brazilian cities. Discounts can be up to 74%. Real estate will be for sale Until September 30.

For people interested in knowing what properties are offered, simply enter Your Property BB website. There you can check all real estate, city, neighborhood and street location. To consult with the site of interest, it is necessary to write the name of the country.

Next, photos of the displayed property are available. All negotiation and sale of property is done online.

property negotiation

Someone interested in acquiring the property through your BB property can do so either through auctions or through online selling. In the case of a cash purchase, the interested party will still have a file more than 3% discount, in addition to the amount already provided by the financial institution.

On the other hand, people who are interested in dividing the property value can do so, without interest, even dividing it into up to 12 installments. Real estate is not, at present, purchased through real estate financing (using the Government Compensation Fund (FGTS) or even through a consortium).

Banco do Brasil conducts online sales through “Pagimovel”. It is a real estate transaction platform that ensures security, as well as transparency and flexibility in the entire process of buying and selling real estate. The bank also confirmed that all real estate is owned by the financial institution. They all Paid and no debts.

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