Average Rating of New Netflix Series Released on Rotten Tomatoes

Average Rating of New Netflix Series Released on Rotten Tomatoes
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After years of anticipation, the TV series Sandman Finally for the first time in Netflix as well as in rotten tomatoeswhere you get an impressive average of cash approval.

Initially, the series debuted on the platform with a maximum average of 100%, But the number – as is common – has fallen at the rate of more criticism recorded by the site, and is currently at home 86%. The critical consensus seems to point to a very faithful adaptation of the popular comic book Neil Gaiman.

in criticism legion of heroeseditor Chris Rentin Indicates that there are questionable decisions, but the result is still a strong start:

With the support – and enthusiasm – of Neil Gaiman, who has closely followed every detail of this project, the series is an excellent start for new (and old) dream fans. With occasional changes that simplify more complex arcs, and equally enrich the project we see in live action, what we have is simply a wonderful adaptation.

in the international press, Richard Newby Give empire He praised the creation of this promising universe:

With attention to core materials, an impressive crew, and the kind of vast world-building that requires more seasons, Sandman is a dream come true.

Nick HiltonFrom independentLove for the series did not die like his colleagues:

The result is quite average, neither a dream nor a nightmare, just a daydreaming feeling when you are hungry but lunch will take an hour to be ready.

Sandman opened at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, but the critical average quickly dropped

for Alan Sepinwallcritic rolling rockUniverse Sandman It is highlighting a weaker action by protagonist Sonho (Tom Sturridge):

Portions of the series work very well, especially the parts where Dream isn’t a central character.

Sam BarsantiFrom AV . Clubholding his hand in praise, says the show’s big attraction is that it’s based on an excellent comedian:

The show follows the comics to the message and gets everything great about comics right, so at least it’s a good version of that story — because the plot, again, is good in its own right.

In the ribbedAnd the Joshua Rivera Adaptation is praised for getting the comics scale right and making the necessary changes:

They literally took it. Netflix’s Sandman is the best version of this comic imaginable on TV. The series is faithful to the core in a Peter Jackson-esque sensibility, while making a few necessary changes for a new medium.

in the opposite direction, Kelly Lawler She destroyed the series in its review of USA TODAY:

Painfully slow and still, if not completely boring, Sandman is a baffling failure.

Sandman Now available in the catalog Netflix. Have you started watching? Leave your impressions below!

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