AVA wrote a song for the “Cool” PlayStation remake. Announcement in December

AVA wrote a song for the "Cool" PlayStation remake.  Announcement in December

Irish singer-songwriter Aabha McMahon, better known by her stage name AVA, wrote a song for a “cool” remake of Play Station It will be announced in December, she said in an interview with an Irish radio show lunch box.

“I recently wrote a song for PlayStation with Michael McGlynn,” AVA said during the October 7 episode of The Lunchbox. Pressed for more information by broadcaster Jeff Harris, AVA commented:

“Yeah, it actually happened for a year and a half — that was right after the pandemic started. Michael McGlynn called and just said, ‘Listen, we’re writing music for a PlayStation game’ — and he did that a lot, wrote a lot for different games that are very popular. But I am not a player.

Anyway, he said, “Look, it’s an Irish piece they’re looking for.” So I was actually engaged in writing the lyrics in Irish, and his daughter sang on the track and his wife arranged some parts of the choir, just like Michael. He also worked with me on the language side of things, so it was like a family effort.

For a long time I was not allowed – you do not know what you are writing for, it is all some kind of secret because they do not want to. So in fact it will be announced at Christmas – the name of the game. I’ve heard about it and it’s a great game, and it’s a great game! It’s going to be an Irish piece of the game, which is great.”

Michael McGlynn and the music group ANUNA, which AVA joined in 2015, previously worked with composer Yasunori Mitsuda on the track “Shadow of the Lowlands” for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, while McGlynn sang along with Mitsuda on stage to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xenogears.

Given that the new AVA song is a collaboration with McGlynn, and given McGlynn’s history with Mitsuda, it’s possible that the PlayStation version was the title that Mitsuda worked on previously.

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Likewise, the song with Irish lyrics is The best is yet to come Act hard lime metal The original and its reprint can be in the works. However, current rumors point to a rework Metal Gear Solid 3.

Christmas celebrations traditionally begin on the 8th of December in Ireland. As for the announcement site, The Game Awards 2021 will take place a day later, at December 9, so this is a possibility.

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