Australia may initially lease submarines from the UK or the US – Navy

Australia may initially lease submarines from the UK or the US - Navy

Ministers confirm that leasing nuclear-powered vessels from Axis allies could be an interim solution until Australia acquires its own submarines.

Short-term leases of nuclear-powered submarines from the UK or the United States are being considered by the Morrison government, but the Coalition insists that nuclear weapons are not based in Australia.

Finance Minister Simon Birmingham and Defense Minister Peter Dutton confirmed in separate interviews on Sunday that renting submarines from Axis partners would be a temporary solution – Australia would be possible in the early 1960s.

“The short answer is yes,” Dutton said when asked Sky News For the leasing of boats.

He said the Birmingham lease agreements “do not necessarily increase the number and capacity of submarines in all partner countries” but will facilitate training and information sharing.

“It will provide an opportunity to train our sailors and provide them with the skills and knowledge of how we operate,” he said. ABC.

“It will enable us to develop the bases needed to operate the Perth infrastructure to operate these submarines. We hope to see leasing arrangements or more joint operations between our navies in the future. .

Birmingham has insisted that there is no “Quit Pro Go” in Australia, which has agreed to intensify its strategic relationship with the UK and US.

He stressed that nuclear weapons are not based on Australia’s jurisdiction.

“We are clear that Australia’s position on nuclear weapons will not change, it will not change,” he said on Sunday.

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