Association of Portuguese Descendants Promotes Social and Cultural Activities in the UK – DNOTICIAS.PT

Association of Portuguese Descendants Promotes Social and Cultural Activities in the UK - DNOTICIAS.PT

A delegation from the Lusodendez Internationals Association (AILD) in the United Kingdom presented in London today a commitment to promote social, cultural and entertainment events and activities in that country.

Gabriela Ruivo Trindade, author of the LeYa Award in 2013; Tatiana Correia, President of the Cultural Council; Tatiana Correia, Scientist;

Diego Costa, the former ‘mayor’ general director of youth in the London Municipality of Lambert, told Agência Lusa that it is important to have experience in these areas with groups in Lisbon and to be part of an international network. And France.

In a video message, Philip Fernandez, President of AILD, pledged “the spirit and energy to enhance collaboration and collaboration between different organizations and organizations.”

According to the official, the purpose of the association is to “spread the Portuguese way, Lusophony and Portuguese culture, identify, unite and represent all Portuguese descendants”, support and organize social, cultural and recreational activities and promote educational activities.

During a presentation at the Portuguese Embassy in the United Kingdom this afternoon, Consul General in London Cristina Buckerinho challenged AILD to form alliances and “work together with the most traditional joint movement.”

The association, he said, should now “provide concrete content and work to improve the capabilities of this innovative project”.

This is the second AILD group outside Portugal since the AILD group was established in France in September.

As of June 30, the British Interior Ministry had registered 418,070 Portuguese as residents of the United Kingdom, the fourth largest European country after Poland, Romania and Italy.

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