Promises to heal broken hearts – Gaza Vogue

Promises to heal broken hearts – Gaza Vogue

The mansion is located in North Norfolk (Photo: Revelation)

Everyone has their own way of dealing with one The heart was broken. Some turn to friends for support, others turn to sad songs, and others look for fun trips to distract themselves. But inside NorfolkIn the United Kingdom, a hotel opened with the aim of healing the heartbeat. “Intensive treatment for the heart “.

The Heartbreak HotelPsychologist Alice Haddon and author and managed by Coach Ruth Field of Life, offers an experience Health Designed for women who have gone through such situations. “We believe that the heartbeat connects us with the essence of being human and that the origin of compassionate change and courageous creativity is our influence,” Alice said in a hotel statement.

New UK Hotel aims to heal broken hearts

Living room where integrated guests meet (Photo: Revelation)

A maximum of eight women can attend the festival, which runs from Friday to Monday. In addition to group therapy sessions, doers Check in Benefit from the menu with plant-based dishes at the hotel and meetings and walks on the beaches. Norfolk. “It includes hot water bags, blankets, hot drinks, roaring fires. No one raises a finger, everyone surrenders completely to treatment,” Alice adds. None of the guests had cell phones or alcohol, according to Ruth.

New UK Hotel aims to heal broken hearts

Comfortable room with a view of nature (Photo: Revelation)

Those interested in participating in one of the retreats at Heartbreak Hotel A detailed questionnaire should be completed, which can be found here Site, Indicates the reason why they want to participate. Once dispatched, a “long call” was made between the potential guest and Alice and Ruth to assess their suitability. “We spend a lot of time selecting the right guests at each retreat,” Ruth points out. “We never exclude anyone, but we often turn women to other places, to other treatment services, for example, if they are not fit to retire.” Each withdrawal costs 2,500.

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