Artisan exports produce to UK with support from Programa do Artesanato Paraibano

Artisan exports produce to UK with support from Programa do Artesanato Paraibano

Believing that something can be done right and conquering the world with the help of companies like Artesanato Paraibano (PAB) and Cebre – that sums up the success story of 69-year-old artisan María das Neves Baiva. Called Nevinha do Artesanato, a resident of the municipality of Itabayana.

In her husband’s business, 72-year-old Antonio Teixeira de Paiva, better known as Tota, a then salesman, saw an opportunity to change his life, to achieve the financial freedom he dreamed of. As Donna Nevinha emphasizes, when very young, Siu Dota learned the art of ceramics, “but he worked for other people”. “I thought his work was good, so I encouraged him to work for us. He didn’t have much faith that it would work, but I always did,” he said.

Because of this passion and sense of opportunity, the ceramic pieces (clay) made by the couple, a collaboration of four people, conquered the world. More recently, another container of its clay pots was sent to a UK restaurant chain.

“I feel like a fulfilled person. Why? Imagine: you are here in a small town like Itabayana in the corner of Paraíba, and you export, and I am the only one who exports a lot. That makes me proud” Donna Nevinha watching her husband’s work conquer the world Says about feeling.

“Thanks to the Handicrafts Project and the State Government Cebre, which is a showcase”, he stressed the importance of holding Saluses do Artesanato Paraibano in disseminating his creations. and many artisans. “If you came to my house today, you would think it was a failed job because I don’t have a piece to show you.

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Governor Jono Acevedo said that the success achieved by craftsmen and artisans like Doña Nevinha is the result of joint efforts. “This is the result of many hands-on work with Sebre, which sees the economic potential in our craft to generate employment and income. That’s why we invest heavily in the salon, which our artisans know. It makes it possible for their products to be sold around the world,” he commented.

PAP manager Marielsa Rodriguez said the success of Dona Nevinha’s work is a good example of how the state government’s investments have had positive effects. “Governor João Acevedo, as well as Ana María Linz, First Lady and Honorary President of the Paraíba Handicraft Project, have always emphasized that our artisan culture, but also as an economic unit, is very important. Doña Nevinha is an undeniable source. It is for all of us, the state government, and our artisans. And a win for essential partners like Sebre,” he said.

A sentiment shared by Rosalia Lucas, the Secretary of State for Tourism and Economic Development (Setde), whose portfolio the PAP is attached to. “It is very heartening to see how important our handicrafts are to the socio-economic development of Paraiba. Each and every artisan will always have the support of the state government in promoting this very important sector of handicrafts,” he commented. .

Quality and Professionalism — Meeting the wishes of internationally renowned clients is a task that requires quality and a lot of professionalism — traits that are not lacking in Ms. Nevinha’s work, assures consultant Luciana Rabe. “In terms of deadlines and quality, from the beginning, both Mrs. Nevinha and Mr. Tota have always been professionals, they have always stood out. They have always assessed deadlines without fail. That is a big difference.”, Luciana Rabe points out.
“When there was a quality problem, Ms. Nevinha and Mr. Tota made the necessary changes and the customer was very satisfied. When the order increased, they also pushed the time to attend,” continues Luciana, highlighting just that. A chain of Latin American restaurants located in the United Kingdom placed an order with more than seven thousand pieces.

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Some of the investments that strengthened craft in Paraíba were suggestions promoted by professionals such as Sebre and stylist Ronaldo Fraga. The organization of Salao do Artesanato Paraibano, held twice a year – in January, in João Pessoa, and in June in Campina Grande, has given artisans visibility. Finally, at the 35th Salon, over R$ 2.5 million pieces were sold and had a record participation of artisans, 539.

Source: Secom

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