Arthur is called the calling boy and he will decide whether or not to report

Arthur is called the calling boy and he will decide whether or not to report

Arthur Piccoli will take note of that He was called Call Boy After leaving ”BBB 21 “. Matthew TwitterThe similarities team made it clear that it was up to them to decide whether or not to take the case to court.

“As for the legal procedures, this is a very personal crime, only Arthur can file a complaint. Therefore, as soon as he leaves the house, he will be aware of what happened and take the legal measures he deems appropriate,” he said. .

The brother was summoned by the event promoter in videos posted to Stories, which ended up spreading on social networks. He even accused Arthur of having an affair with TV Globo director. The station that sought after that has not been commented. The promoter said:

There were many Arthurian nudes here, I actually showed some of my gay friends and some of my boyfriends. His business is business, he was doing a show, he went to Rio, he went out with the director of Globo, everyone knows. I’ve had conversations with him on The WhatsAppI have direct conversations with him, I could post to rumor sites, and I didn’t.

Arthur’s legal team became aware of the case and contacted the attorney general, who ended up deleting the videos and publicly withdrawing them. In the report, the crossfite team explained how it went forward:

Arthur’s legal team has so far only been working to contain the spread of fake news, and to clarify the truth of the facts to whoever published it.

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