Ariadna Arantes cries as she gives negative comments about her weight after the photo: “I gained weight for a thousand reasons”; Watch


On Saturday (29), Ariadna Arantes shared an emotional explosion on Instagram, refuting the criticisms she is receiving regarding her body. The former BBB cried when she talked about persecuting the haters and how the bad comments about her weight left her shaky, and even analyzed her passage through At limit 5.

I came to talk about my last photo, as I got a lot of negative comments for being thinner in that photo. A picture three years ago that I posted today … I got a lot of negative messages about my current weight, because I gained weight. Some women and some men say ‘the coup exists’She said.

If I am fat, lighter, very brown, bloated, or lame, I have a leg lift, I have a nose, lipo, sexual resignation, no matter what anyone does with your body, or what I do with my body is my problem at all, and there is no Whoever comes here and criticizes me“, pointed out.

Ariadna received negative comments about her body on social media. (Image: Play / Instagram)

I was really upset. We are not always iron or steel bars to hold many types of things. You don’t know what moment I’m in right now. I am at a time in my life when I am back in Brazil, without my cat, I am still here without a job. I am trying to adapt to life in Brazil again. Quite difficult to adaptVentilation.

Ariadna continued in tears. “It is very difficult to live with these folks who stay all the time. What happened to your voice? It is thicker. I’m tired of explaining that I have a throat problem. I am dull, I will need treatment. Tired of saying I’ve gained weight for a thousand reasons, because of anxiety, epidemic, and problems. There comes a time when we are tired of this charge“, He said.

It continues after the announcement

Even the brunette’s passage through reality No Limite has been questioned and criticized. “I saw comments saying, “How could Boninho put this on the show? This animal, that stable person”, forgetting that the one who won the first edition of No Limite was a fat woman. It’s not just physical build that is what we need to live in this world. We need a brain. AlsoHe said, recalling Ellen de Mello’s win at No Limite 1.

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Thank God, in my participation in Without Borders, I presented many ideas. What was not seen, there are people who participated with me who did not allow me to lie, I had ideas about how to put sand to make it softer for us to sleep, I broke down a tree to put it around the hut to avoid more wind and rain, collect coconuts, collect firewood … I was Very active in my group. I didn’t stay still. I wasn’t the fat woman you would describe and indicate to me, that I was lying all the time doing nothing with my butt lifted“, shooting.

Ariadna Without Limits 1
Ariadna was the third eliminated from No Limite 5. (Image: Reproduction / TV Globo)

People don’t understand that I hurt my leg. I have received a great deal of affection from a lot of people. But it’s really unfortunate that you start seeing, amidst these positive messages, these people harassing us, stalking us in a certain way, and criticizing our bodies all the time.“, He said.

What is perfection? I am what I am now. I take care of my health, I joined the program knowing that I was anemic, with a hemangioma in the liver. Nothing can get in the way of my path in the program. I could have given up, but I insisted because it is a dream to be here again, to become more famous, to make money … I will not be hypocriticalSaid Arantes.

It continues after the announcement

People don’t want to know if we are healthy, if we have a home, if we are eating, if we are healthy. These people want to stay all the time to frustrate us, to rob us of our joy. As much as I am a strong person, there are moments in my life when I feel vulnerable too, and I need affection, affection and a hug. it is very difficultThe explosion continued, and he sank into tears again. Watch full:

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