Samba schools in SP offer samba enredo

Samba schools in SP offer samba enredo

What happened

Using the slogan “It’s not luck, it’s macumba,” Camisa Verde e Branco opened the presentations. The school returned to the ranks of São Paulo Carnival’s elite after 12 years and impressed the audience.

Then came Barroca Zona Sul, Dragões da Real, Independente Tricolor, Acadêmicos do Tatuapé, Mancha Verde and Rosas de Ouro. Dragões da Real and Rosas de Ouro did not skimp on the presentations and brought part of their symbols, such as the dragon and the giant golden rose, respectively.

The shows also showed Vai-Vai’s return to the carnival elite. With Beth Carvalho’s motto, which said “If you ain’t Vai-Vai, you can cry”, the most successful school of the São Paulo Carnival sent the audience into a frenzy with their performance.

Other schools that performed in the sequence were Tom Mayor, current champion Moquidad Alegre, Gavies da Viel, Aguia de Oro and Imperio de Casa Verde.. Gaviões da Fiel and Águia de Ouro stood out in the form of their presentations, using falcon props and holding a life-sized eagle, respectively.

And those who ended the night were Academics de Tokorovi, who also did not hesitate when entering the sambadrome and asked the audience to hug each other. “Hug whoever is next to you, please.”

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